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Auricular treatment for dry eyes

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  • Auricular treatment for dry eyes

    I ran into this today and felt like sharing it:

    I saw a couple of links where this was used for dry mouth as well.

    Has anyone here pursued a similar treatment where the ears were used to trigger impulses to the brain?

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    Very cool. The link I posted is a website blog created by a guy named Chris Kresser. He is a extremely knowledgeable nutritionist, but also a licensed acupuncturist. In the link he explains how popular ideas of acupuncture in Western society are far from accurate. Interestingly, which you can read about in the article, the man who was responsible for "translating" original chinese acupuncture texts and bringing it to the West was French, did not speak chinese (or the unique dialect of the acupuncture texts) and had no medical or physiological background. Hence, despite his good intentions, there were some serious and very significant misconceptions which unfortunately became popularized in the Western world.


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