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Traveling with severs dry eye. Need advice PLS

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  • Traveling with severs dry eye. Need advice PLS

    I am planning an Alaskan cruise trip with my family. I have to fly from Louisville KY to Seattle WA. Just the thought of this gives me high anxiety about being on a plane for that long and what it can (will) do to my eyes. Can somome that travels with dry eye please give me some advice on what would be the best thing for my eyes. I have Wiley X's sunglasses, Guard dogs and Onion Goggles (which do not have a good seal). I also sleep in Tranquileyes so I have them as well. Also IF my eyes do dry out pretty bad any idea on recovery time? This will be the first time I have really traveled since being dianosed with dry eye. I have sclera lenses for dry eye but more for vision since I have irregularity on my cornea from lasik. I have been told not to wear them on the plane so I will bring my glasses but sad thing is I cannot see well with just my glasses. I feel like I should not let this didease rule my life on what I can and cannot do !! Any advice would be much appreciated. thanks Andrea B

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    Can someone please give me their experiences traveling with dry eye. Like I said in previous post, this will be my first time traveling and I am really nervous. please give me tips on what to do and advice. Also how long did it take for recovery if your eyes dry out ?? Please reply as I am scared to death about traveling with my eyes.


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        Hi there, I am also planning a trip that involves a very long flight, longer than yours. Just came from an appt. Here is what the doctor advised:
        Bring nighttime ointment and a sleep mask or night goggles, whichever you use, on board and use both during the flight.
        Make sure whatever non-prescription drops or ointment tubes you bring are very clearly unopened. Leave the seals in place until you are onboard. Otherwise they may be confiscated at security.
        Hope that helps.