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Today's tip: Diuretics like Dyazide can excacerbate dry eye!

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  • Today's tip: Diuretics like Dyazide can excacerbate dry eye!

    I use to take dyazide for high blood pressure. Now that I stopped taking it I virtually have no more problems with dry eye. Diuretics help your body produce and eliminate more urine, which helps lower blood pressure. That process must eliminate too much water from your system, thereby exasperating dry eye. I also take atacand, which works another way. Atacand is a angiotensin II receptor blocker also know as ARB. Angiotensin is produced in the body causing blood vessels to narrow. This medication blocks Angiotensin which allow vessels to relax. I am doing OK just using atacand.

    I cannot emphasis how much better my eyes are doing, now that I haven't used dyazide in several months. No more waking up at 4 or 5am with eye erosion. I still administer GenTeal gel when I go to bed, but I don't have to wake up every 2 or 3 hours to apply any drops. If you read about dry eye and diuretics, you will see they do connect the two, that's how I discovered the connection. Maybe your doctor could switch you over to a angiotensin blocker if you are using a diruetic like dyazide and have dry eye.

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    My experience is somewhat different (albeit in a different vein.

    I used to avoid coffee/caffeine, resulting in terrible symptoms from computer use.

    Now that I started on coffee/caffeine, becuase i figured that computer "hangovers" mimic alcoholic "hangovers" (so why not try coffee plus sweetener-as-humectant-to-rehydrate - plus- ibuprofen/aspirin)

    ...this acts as anti-inflammatory, and diuretic. BUT since my eyes are less inflamed, they actually feel better, cooler, and LESS dry.

    And the severe horrible headaches of the past are greatly relieved.

    Not that coffee is ALL good.
    Because it can cause ankle & arch pain due to constriction.

    It works both ways.
    It merely pays to know your body, and become aware of how VARIOUS PARTS of your body react to various types of foods.

    I.E. acid foods, salty foods, bitter foods, sweet foods, pungent foods, astringents, humectants & so forth.

    Note how Taste & Texture of foods affect your body. (instead of only listening to hype, both professional and grapevine, take a page out of the book of those elephants who saved themselves from the tsunami, instead of depending on scientists!)
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