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  • SUGGESTED READING for new members...

    Dear visitors and new members:

    Whether you are newly diagnosed with dry eye, or have been struggling with it for awhile, I would like to strongly encourage you to not just post on the bulletin board but READ as much as possible on the main website ( to get a solid orientation about dry eye and the kinds of things that may help you. If reading online hurts your eyes, print them out and read them as/when you can.

    Here are some of our most popular pages:

    Dry Eye Diagnosis: A detailed explanation of why and how to get a detailed dry eye diagnosis.

    Dry Eye for Dummies: A simple orientation to some of the complex conditions we call "dry eye", "dry eye syndrome", "chronic dry eye", "dysfunctional tear syndrome", etc.

    Dry Eye Treatments: Even if you think you've tried everything, chances are you haven't! Read this for a broad overview of the types of treatments and products available for dry eye.

    Meibomian gland dysfunction: MGD is the most overlooked and undertreated cause of "dry eye" symptoms. Many patients are not diagnosed and not educated about MGD even after visiting several doctors; and, even when diagnosed, many are not advised about how to treat it. If your dry eye treatment thus far has included only lubricants and Restasis, chances are good that you really need to learn about MGD.

    Eyewear: Moisture chamber eyewear for day or night use is among the most beneficial types of products people with dry eye can use. Read this article to get an overview of who can be helped by eyewear and what's available.

    Night Eye Protection: For many people with dry eye, especially if they have lagophthalmos, keeping eyes protected while sleeping is an ongoing challenge and damage sustained nightly makes ongoing treatment that much more difficult. Read this article for suggestions about how to protect your eyes at night.

    Surviving the Office: Practical tips for managing in a work environment that is very hard on dry eyes.

    Punctal plugs: For those who have never 'been plugged' or are struggling with fit, comfort, tear overflow, worries about which type of plugs is safest, etc, this article discusses the different brands and designs and types available.

    And of course...

    The Dry Eye Shop: Our shop is an education in itself as it contains a wide array of products many dry eye patients have never heard of. It includes photos, detailed explanations, my personal experiences with the products, and often suggestions for alternatives suitable for any budget.
    Rebecca Petris
    The Dry Eye Foundation