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Please post your dry eye pain management tips

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  • Please post your dry eye pain management tips

    Hi there,

    I am 10 weeks post lasik and have evaporative dry eye. I am using Oasis tears and tears Plus. My opthamologist thinks there is some MGD because he can't express the glands. My eyes become more and more sore as the day goes on. They become so sore that I end up in tears, which of course makes the eyes more sore.

    I have tried: cool wash cloth, eye rest and more drops.

    Can you please post what you use, or do, to manage with your dry eye pain.

    Thank you so much!

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    When taking a shower i do lid massages to unblock any glands? i also twice a day run a cotton bud along eye lid margins as the drops i use are thick, and maybe leaving a waxey layer on top of glands? I use a room humidifier and hygrometer as ive noticed my eyes are so much better when the weather is humid; also wash my face in warm water 3-4 times a day, and finally, upon awaking i dont open or move my eyes- spalsh your face a few times with water from running hot tap first, if need be? find your way back to bed and lie there for a minute before opening, the eye lids are so thin the water/moisture will penetrate and hopefully loosen eye lids first.. (it does!).... Ive dropped everything now, masks, drinking gallons of water, fresh fish twice a week, flaxseed etc-etc; my opthamolagist said there is no benefits from these (open to debate) and so far in my case he's right!..


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      Good post. Looking forward to what others have to say. Never hurts to add more to the arsenal of relief.

      Here's what I do:
      autologous serum drops
      humidifier at night, probably should do daytime in winter too
      Barlean's Omega Swirl (thanks to reviews here)
      acupuncture (jury is still out but the last session brought me 2 good, not perfect days)
      Warm compresses followed by sterile saline 'scrub' with q-tips
      Cool compresses using green tea bags
      Keeping eyes closed for 2 minutes (per specialist's instructions) after application of eye drops (I've found this really makes a difference)
      Saran wrap and / or tranquil eyes at night to keep my eyes closed
      Refresh Celluvisc at night, used generously and it seems to 'seal' my eyes shut (before opening I have to de-glue them)
      Consume lots of water

      I just ordered a pair of prescription swim goggles to wear around the house. My pride and vanity tell me it's completely humiliating but the relief, particularly in the winter, will be worth it. Yes, I cried in the store; it sucks being a freak but again, I know it's worth it to avoid the searing pain.
      I'm still looking for a pair of sunglasses and / or regular glasses that fit my tiny head properly although I may just give in and buy ones that don't fit completely because they'll be better than nothing.

      If it's possible, when I find that I can't stop myself from crying, I use a wet washcloth to wipe my eyes thoroughly, flood my eyes with Refresh Plus (cheaper & doesn't require a blood draw like serum drops) and apply cold green tea bags (saturate with cold water then squeeze excess and apply to eyelids for a while). It's not foolproof but it helps quite a bit to keep the inflammation down and even when I can't stop the puffy, red swelling, it seems to last fewer days when I am able to do this routine.
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        Systane balance restorative (as it helps with lipid layer) approx 6 times daily, according to my opth. Warm compress w/ baby shampoo twice daily (may need to dilute but no squeezing of meib gland as per opth.) At night, muro in eyes...and p.s. -if you buffer w/ systane gel dropS ABOUT 10 MINUTES MOST PRIOR TO mURO, there is NO sting or burn at all. Also no problem at all the next AM. Fish pills EPA and DHA being what is needed for humans. Lots of H2O AND ALL THE OTHER STUFF RE ENVIRONMENTAL. tHIS IS FROM MY OPTH (EXCEPT THE BUFFERING) AND i DO NOT NEED TO USE aLREX AT ALL. sO FAR, HAVE NOT REAPPLIED mURO DURING THE NIGHT ALTHO i HAVE HAD EROSIONS. sO FAR SO GOOD. LOVE MURO OINTMENT...SO SOOTHING AND SO PROTECTIVE SO FAR.



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          This is a great question, and posts are so helpful, I plan on trying some of the things that's helped others. I've started using the genteel gel during the day instead of the artificial tears, it causes lots of blurring of vision for several minutes after putting in but, then I get relief that really lasts, there were times that I'd put in the drops constantly, with little relief. I've also started omega three fish oil, primrose oil, flaxseed, daily, I use the sterilid eye washes, and when it gets really bad cold compresses work best, but I like the idea of the green tea bags when my eyelids get swollen. I wear my Rx sunglasses when outdoors, even on cloudy days, it helps tremendously. Thinking that my next pair of glasses I will try the transition ones again. Right now my eyes are doing much better, but it's been quite humid and that maybe helping.


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            Restatis: 2xday
            C-serum 20% (tears made from my blood serum) 6-8xday
            Mucomyst (4x daily)
            Muro 128 drops 3-5 times a day (I am not suppose to use this with mucomyst, but I do)
            FML ointment 1x at night
            Muro 128 ointment 1x at night.
            Phiocarpine 5 mg 2-3 xday (side effects: sweating and flu like symptoms) I am cutting the pills in half and going to see how that works, so 4-6 X day
            Docyccline 50 mg1Xday

            Over the counter
            Fish oil 3600 mg/day
            1/8 cup flax seed daily (some days I forget)

            I have plugs in all 4 tear ducts and I wear eye moisture goggles all the time.

            To Potato Cakes: I have a small face and I have Wiley X moisture chamber goggles, the smallest style is cat eyes looking, but I now have sunglass lens in those so they look fine and they fit my face and eye socket well, then I have "Brick" style in clear which looks more "normal" I have had lots of positive comments on them.


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              punctal occlusion


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                Omega Swirl fish/flax oil, humidifier, avoiding allergens/sensitivities (most are in eye drops), OASIS Plus drops, Refresh PM ointment, Ocusoft Plus for lid scrubs, goggles when driving much or when very hot (and AC is blowing on high in car). I had to expirement a lot with eye products and used a system to determine which ones I was sensitive to and eliminate them, in addition to getting allergy patch tests. For instance,

                I've just discovered this week that I'm a little sensitive to Ocusoft foaming cleanser but not the Ocusoft Plus foaming cleanser, which seems backward. I'm sensistive to MANY different lubricating drops and toiletries, fabric detergents (on sheets). When my eyes are inflamed I form mucus filaments which are very painful. It took a few different fish/flax oil supplements to find one that works for me but the current one definitely helps.

                Trac: Are your mucomyst eye drops compounded and do they only give you a 4-7 day supply at a time? I tried them once, but can't drive to and from the compounding pharmacy twice a week to keep supplied so I don't think I had a really good trial. Now I need compounded glaucoma drops (probably) but they're saying they would also not be good for more than 7 days because no preservative.

                Mary in VA


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                  What glaucoma drop are you using?? I can only use a drop that has Timolol in it and I finally found a company that makes it without the preservative BAK. It is called TIMOPTIC in OCUDOSE. It comes in preservative free vials like the eye drops do. It has helped me with the irritation and reddness from the regular drop.


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                    All of the meds posted earlier in my reply. Will say again, love Muro ointment bu I still buffer a few minutes prior (with Systane restorative balance;very gentle on my eyes). Muro has been a true gift and no burning at all for me.

                    Tomorrow, I get my hair buzzed a la Sinead O'Connor for two reasons...I can not have hair near my eyes (PAINFUL!) and I need a change. I am brave enuf to buzz my hair now and am looking forward to a truly "freeing " feeling. Obviously not for everyone but I am going to love it and it is just what I need now altho some may call it drastic, tho not me. Change is good!!! It helps with mental pain, as that has been my experience. Thinking about my eyes 24/7 and suffering from the pain does not help me. Change and adventure does help me.


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                      Background : PostLasik DES sufferer (Schrimer Test 4mm)
                      Location : Singapore

                      1.) Wash eyelips with Blephagel during shower
                      2.) Eye Compress for 5mins
                      3.) Refresh+, Systane, Restasis (5mins interval)
                      4.) 3 x Capsules of TheraTears

                      Afternoon - 4hrs interval
                      5.) Refresh+, Systane, Restasis (5mins interval)

                      Late Afternoon - 4hrs interval
                      6.) Refresh+, Systane, Restasis (5mins interval)

                      Dinner - 4hrs interval
                      7.) Wash eyelips with Blephagel during shower
                      8.) Eye Compress for 15mins
                      9.) Refresh+, Systane, Restasis (5mins interval)

                      Before Sleep
                      10.) Duratears gel

                      - 2 litres of water in office everyday, many cups of GreenTea (Antioxidants)
                      - fruits for breakfast
                      - avoid caffeein & alcohol

                      - try to run 3 times a week, i noticed during exercising, eyes do not get dry
                      - avoid windy/dry/direct sunlight
                      - wear shades inside trains(Metro)
                      - 2 x lower plugs inserted
                      - install WorkRave in office laptop, it prompts you regularly to rest and relax your eyes
                      - carry a small mirror in my pocket, sometimes after applying eyedrops, did not wipe clean, these eyedrops will form white crystallize on my eyelids


                      PS - May the force be with all DES forummers


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                        My dry eye relief

                        I was a dry eye sufferer with MGD and red eyes until I found Dr. ******. This is what he did for me: (1) Cauterized one duct due to tear deficiency (I had two sets of plugs that had fallen out) (2) Performed Intraductal Meibomian Gland Probing (see www.dr******.com for a viewing of this) (3) Resurfaced both of my eyes to remove a red mass on both eyes next nearest my nose and correct a superior SLK on each eye. The SLK is a wrinkling of the conjunctiva that occurs when the globe is too close to the eyelid due to inflammation. It is a common occurrence with dry eye sufferers that is frequently missed. (4) Recommended onyix eye mask at night ( (5) Recommended omega three oil daily

                        I suffered for three years with just eyedrop therapy. I finally saw a doctor that could help me with his MGP procedure and surgery.

                        Dr. ****** has also written a book "Reversing Dry Eye Syndrom". This is a great resource.
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                          Thanks for all the great postings! It is really encouraging to see how others are managing.

                          jadavispcfl, I was wondering how long it has been since you saw Dr. ******? Do you know how long the intracutal MG probing is supposed to last? The eye resurfacing sounds interesting too. Where is Dr. ****** located please?

                          Thanks again for all the advice!!


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                            Yes, my mucomyst is compounded. I get it from Leiter’s in San Jose Ca. It comes in a bottle with enough for 30 days. It is preservative free and needs to stay refrigerated. It will probably last me a month and a half. I am not real big on throwing away expensive medication just because the pharmaceutical company says it expires on a certain date, but I do check for signs of bacterial growth, cloudiness in solution. I have the medicine mailed to me; it is $7 for shipping. I also get blood serum eye drops compounded at Leiter’s. I think these have helped me the most. The blood serum is only suppose to last one week. I got 13 vials in the shipment. I thaw one vial at a time and keep the rest in the freezer. Each vial lasts me longer than a week. So you might be able to work out something like that for your glaucoma drops.

                            I think the mucomyst is helping, but I am on so many different medications that it is hard to tell what really helps and what does not help. I know if I miss a dose of almost anything I feel worse.

                            I hope this helps.



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                              bella and trac: Thank you so much for the tips. I'd looked into these things a bit but didn't have enough knowledge to get answers I needed so had struck out on those. I'm on Combigan for my Glaucoma. It's not as bad for my dry eyes/allergy as Xalatan but still problematic, so the tips are great.