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Feel more swollen than dry?

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  • Feel more swollen than dry?

    So, I finally had a good week!!!
    Which it turns out is really depressing. First good week since I started having horrible symptoms 4 months ago, so I thought I was healed! Not so much.
    I only suffer from dry eye symptoms in one eye. I'm struggling with the fact that I don't feel "dry" as much as I feel very very swollen. I can feel the swollen sensation all the way under my eyes. There is some burning and LOTS of redness, but it's this swollen puffy feeling that is a)the most concerning b)the most uncomfortable.

    I am on Restasis, BioTears, Celluvisc, etc. etc. etc... but have had these symptoms since day 1. Seems worse this week than ever though.

    any help? advice? similar sensations?

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    I have also suffered this and in my opinion I really think some of the swelling is caused by use of too many drops..I was using celluvisc..viscotears etc and started to notice my eyes were really red and swollen more than dry

    So now I have cut out the drops and the swelling is definetly going down , but I still will have to find something to lubricate my eyes. In the last 2 days since stopping drops I have used a heated eyebag to melt the oil in the meimobiam glands and that has given good lubrication for a while to help my eyes stay moist .

    I think use of artificial tears is no comparison to natural tears produced by normal functioning glands, although I understand artificial tears are needed in cases of sjorjens
    "Only the body can heal itself, and all healing must come from within your body."


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      LVNatalie dont u feel like your symptoms of dryness are due to the swelling? Like the dryness is under the eyelids? Are your eyelids always swollen since the symptoms started 4 months ago?