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Tear Duct Pain?

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  • Tear Duct Pain?

    Hi. Thanks for reading my post. I have a strange symptom that I think may be dry eyes? I have worn contact lenses for 30 years. I do not sleep in them and I take precautions to clean and disinfect them daily. I use the computer a lot at home and work.

    The inside corner of my right eye beside my nose (lacrimal caruncle?) will occasionally sting for a few seconds and then stops after a few seconds? If I blink and wait it passes fairly quickly. It happens very rarely maybe once a week if that? I actually forget all about it until it happens again? The ironic thing is that past few times it happened when I was either prepping or eating spicy food? The pain feels as if I rubbed the corner of my eye after cutting an onion/pepper but the pain leaves so quickly and I have no other symptoms? No crusting, no excessive tearing, no itching?

    I do not know what is considered normal size for the lacrimal duct but mine are visible when I look in the mirror and they are slightly reddish but do not look infected. In fact they look normal to me?. They are not crusty either? I have an eye appointment for evaluation in a few days, but I wanted to come on here and ask if anyone else has this or can offer suggestions? Thank you