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Headache + stabbing pain after punctal plugs

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  • Headache + stabbing pain after punctal plugs

    I got lower plugs a week ago and ever since I have had a headache. At first my eyes felt sore/aching. Now there's a stabbing pain behind my eyes

    I got looked at today and the doctor found nothing. He recommended to put aquaphor around my eyes. He didn't think the plugs were the problem because he found no scratching or redness near the plugs.

    My theory is that the plugs block moisture from going into the sinus, and this is why I'm getting the headaches/pain

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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    I'd go with what the Dr says for now. It could just be coincidence. If you hadn't gotten the plugs and ended up with a headache you'd probably be blaming it on the weather, what you ate last night, how you slept, etc, etc....the list can go on and on.