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Facial pain

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  • Facial pain

    Dear all,

    I have been feelings transe thing in my face and also pain. I though it was because of I quit antidepressant medication... But today i feel like the muscle in my face have been push. Also like someone is taking my skin off... It is not all the time... But today have been very very present.

    Does anyone relate this with dry eyes?

    I have dry eyes due to lasik...

    Thank you advance!

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    Dear all,

    Any thoughs? Today i feel pressure on the bones bellow my eyes...

    I would appreciate your help


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      Sorry no-one has responded yet. If the problem involves the facial nerve a neurologist may help but what would he/she do? Prescribe nerve pain tablets such as Lyrica? How would you rate the pain from 1 to 10? Is it just annoying? What has your local doctor recommended? Let's hope it will go away with time and it's not long term.


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        Thank you DRCdryeye.

        I already went to neurologist and he said that the exam was normal. Did not relevate having dryeyes... And said that everyone has diferente kind of felling around the body we can't concentrate on them. Lovely speech that I already know and understand has having right... But that doesn't change the fact that this is really annoying.

        Most of the times when I have this feeling around my face I don't feel nothing in my eyes... is like I don't have dry eyes.

        The pain is really annoying and distracting sometimes.

        My theard here was to figure if anyone relate this to dryeyes.

        Thank you again for being so kind and patient


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          Regarding if the facial discomfort is related to dry eyes? That's difficult to tell. I get pain around the brow bone (upper eye) and lower eyes near the cheek with my dry eyes. The pain around the eye bones are worse when using a computer for extended times. However, I don't get pain in the cheeks like you've explained.

          Does anyone on this forum get pain around the face that you relate to your dry eyes? Anyone?


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            I guess not... olterwise we should get some answers

            The pain (pressure, burning (like my face is very hot and red), tingling, skining, numbess...) is special around my right side, near my right eye. But it go all over my face. It's very annoying... and distratting! Special when we don't know why or when it comes!

            I think I wait and see. Until then I will take your advises


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              Just for the record... when having this feeling... my eyes are quite ok! No sorness, dryness, foreign body, itching...

              Anyhow I would prefer none :=))


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                I can't remember offhand if I've seen/heard anyone describe the same time of pain. Seems like in earlier years of DEZ we had more members around with trigeminal neuralgia who used to talk about this kind of thing a lot. Whether it's related, that's just guesswork really. Theoretically I think ocular surface stuff can trigger the T1 and then it's just dominos with weird pain things radiating around the face. Occasionally get something like that myself... could go from feeling fine to the whole left side of my head raging, all apparently triggered by a 'bad eye day' and, like DCRDryEye, tends to be associated with long computer use. Thankfully it doesn't last once I get off the computer and take care of myself for a bit.
                Rebecca Petris
                The Dry Eye Foundation


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                  I don't have the exact same pain but i have pain around the eyes (aching) and sinus pain. I saw an ENT doctor and i will be having an MRI scan in 2 weeks time. Not sure it will reveal much. I also have burning, tingling skin but that's from my rosacea.


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                    Thank you girls

                    I read some threads about it... but it was at beginning of the fórum and just people descibing it without any medical evidence. Also some of them were older than me, and I know that trigemial is more likely to happen at a later stage of our lifes. But of course there are no rules. Also, everyone who have mentioned it is no longer at the fórum... so I can not obtain any feedback

                    I confused about trigemial neuralgia and neuropathic pain. I am not sure where one begins and the other ends.

                    I went for a neurologist that told that this feelings are quite normal and we can not pay to much attention. I can understand what we told me... But sometimes the pain is too much, so I will see another one to have a second opinion.

                    I really don't want to take any meds again... Stopping the antidepressant was a hard achievement.
                    Hope this all go with time!


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                      Hi all,

                      I know this post was a while ago....

                      Facial pain after lasik can occur if the nerves in the eye form abnormally with the trigeminal nerve. Therefore the nerve is not communicating to the lacrimal gland but to the nerves around the face. Unfortunately it's a vicious cycle since the eye is no longer stimulating the lacrimal gland, the eye gets drier and when it gets dry and over-stimulated it starts to activate pain/sensations across the face into the jaw and so on.

                      Sadly I have this on my left eye. I don't think there is any way to rectify this - I will ask my doctor next month.

                      Possibly using plasma drops to grow new nerves that will help decrease dryness and cause less stimulation of the trigeminal nerve may be a treatment. So far I haven't taken neurontin or anything like that. I make sure I keep my 0 schirmer left eye lubricated which reduces stimulation of the nerve. However drops are little use when you have 0 tears.

                      Also I find propanolol super helpful to relax my facial muscles. Since the eye is dry I tend to squint which also causes pain. This may be a useful medication for those with blepharospasm.

                      Hope this helps. x
                      Living a Lasik nightmare - Wake me up!!


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                        Angela,may be sclerals can help with the dryness? Also, I found accupuncture helpfull with the nerve pain around the eye.


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                          I feel very interesting pain and burning on my head (left side of my head) as soon as I feel dryness on my left eye (left corner of my left eye)
                          a burning feeling starts and turns to pain pls check the pictureClick image for larger version

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                          Please help me