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Trying to deal with this new disease

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  • Trying to deal with this new disease

    Hello all,

    i posted on here about a month ago and I am neeeding furthere support. I started having dry eyes back in the spring and it has gotten worse ever since I have all 4 tear ducts plugged. I am on Doxy and Restasis (which I just started 2 weeks ago). I am also doing the warm compresses and eyelid massages (if I am doing them right). But another problem that is much worse than the dry eye is I have developed something in my cornea which the Dr called a central island which causes ghosting and it is really hard to deal with. The dry eyes make it worse because it is not so bad when I wake up but gets a lot worse through the day. I had lasik in 2005 so I was afraid it was ectasia but one of the top refractive surgeons here in Louisville said it was not ectasia but a central island. He said I may have had it all this time but never noticed it until my eyes got so dry. I have a TBUT of 4 in the right eye (the one with the ghosting) and 6 in the left eye. it is really weird bacause the ghosting is completely gone when I have a soft contact in my eye but of course that is not possible right now. I did go to one OD that said I could try these brand new contacts called Dallies Total 1. He gave me a 15 day supply. I can wear it on the weekends but not at all during the day at work since the air movement is horrible at my job. I am not sure if I am going to order more. He also said he could fit me for a scelra lens in that eye. I am SO depressed because this (both the dry eye and cornea issue) hit me out of NO where. I mean how did this get this bad?? I am going to my GP and she is doign a lot of blood tests to see if anything is out of balance. My sister has thyroid disease and for a while I was on synthroid for a slightly evlevated thyroid level but I was taken off in early April. I am wondering it this has something to do with the dry eye all of a sudden. I have been crying so much and I feel my life has changed completely. i feel sorry for my husband because I have not really been a grewat wife lately. I feel I need to be on anyi depressants but I know they cuase dry eyes so I chose to try to deal with it. Any suggestions on how to get on with life as we all now know it.