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  • at the end..

    Hi fellows...

    im looking for persons who wears schlerals lenses to advice me...

    I've been fighting against it.....most of all because my eyes are dry..but not dry,,,,???

    that means when inserting plugs my eyes owerfloates with tears, but still I've got so much pain that i soon have to give up the fight and search for relief.... and then .i guess theres only schlerals left......

    I've been fitted for 2 pairs . 2 years ago a pair 16 mm . and last year a 24 mm pair, but i guess my biggest problem is accepting that rest of my life is, if i want to keep my eyes open, is with lenses inserted.....
    I`ve got along with bandage lenses the last year so far, but now that does not work anymore,,,,, maybe its a bad period now but i have to be prepared for the future, fighting for keeping my job which is a big part of me.........

    anyone here having good life with big schlerals ?? and how do u get through the days ? how to handle ?

    please respond:-)

    im a bid scared starting serious up with schlerals.... because someone told me that they will quickly damage my meibim glands for good.........and the sight for cubers gone for ever.....true or false????