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Eyes burn when closed?

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  • Eyes burn when closed?

    Hi everyone,

    There are a lot of times when I close my eyes, and it burns for a few minutes and then slowly subsides. I wonder if it indicates anything about my DE. Does anyone experience that? Can anyone please explain why my eyes burn for bit when I close them? I wonder if it as anything to do with my eyelids bothering my eyes....I do have A LOT of tiny blood vessels in my inner eyelids...could that be something that can cause any of my symptoms? I havent seen any posts about people whose eyes burn when closed, or many posts of people with lots of blood vessel growth on their inner eye lids.


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    This is actually one of my own symptoms as well. When I go to sleep and close my eyes, they do sting..mildly, but enough to be bothersome and then that feeling goes away. My eyelids do have vessels but I thought that is normal and I can't really interpret what the color of my inner eyelids means. They are kind of red but I don't remember them being any different when I had no problems. I've been told it's allergies by a couple doctors but antihistamine drops hardly help. So I don't know what to do.


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      Mine burn when closed too. I have never been told "why" though by any doctor. They've all just said it was part of my dryness and probably due to ocular rosacea.


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        Hi -

        Mine used to do this from time to time as well - usually when I was having a horrible day and needed to close my eyes. In addition when this happened, I would reflex tear like crazy. I don't know why but like AllisonW, I have ocular rosacea and MGD.



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          Thanks for the replies. I have MGD and maybe allergies and ocular disagree on the last two, so that's why I say maybe. The reason I ask is because while i have MGD, my TBUT has gotten up and closer to normal, but I don't really feel a differnce, so I wonder if this symptom indicates anything at all about what I may have that may have possibly been overlooked. I guess this is just another "regular" DE symptom, not indicative of really anything, as opposed to "menthol sensation" could be MGD, or itching could be allergies, etc.

          At least now I know its not some "weird" symptom that only I have.

          Synes, I have tried antihistamine drops too...and they've done nothing as well. My inner eyelids range from pale pink to very red, it changes from time to time...but no matter what color they are, they are covered with blood vessels. Does any (maybe Gretchen?) know if these blood vessels are the neovascular that causes MGD and that IPL targets? I'm not sure what people mean when they say blood vessels ON there eyelids...I don't have anything on the outside of my eyelids or on the margin that I can see. It's all located when I pull out my lower eyelid to look inside.


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            When my eyes are stressed and I close them, I can feel them burning lasts for a few minutes. I have MGD but don't think it has something to do with that. It's just probably another DE symptom.


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              Hi everyone,
              I have had a lot of the same symptoms for the last five years and feel that my eyes slightly sting when they are open or closed. Like many here, I have been to several doctors and have been told that it is possibly blepharitis, MGD, allergies, or ocular rosacea.

              Does anyone else have eye redness along with these symptoms? The dryness and slight stinging I am used to at this point, but for the the worst part for me is the eye redness.


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                Burning with closed eyes ranges from a warm feeling under the eyelid, to a feverish stinging, and it indicates inflammation. I can actually feel the eye hotter than the rest of my face. When I use antiinflammatory medications it goes away.


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                  Burning eyes when closed

                  Unfortunately I've had severe burning/painful eyes even when closed (at night) for more than a years now. The only time I experience relief is when I fall asleep. If I happen to get up accidentally at night the horrible burning is there again, and makes the whole thing a torture.

                  I've been diagnosed as mild to moderate dry eyes, but symptoms are very severe. Anyone with similar experience?


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                    This happens to me too, particularly if I specifically take a nap to rest my eyes. They burn/ sting for a few minutes and then start to feel better. I think its part of a self-healing process, whereby there is initially a layer of debris/ irritants on the surface of the eye that get washed off by the tears produced due to the burning sensation. Then by keeping the eyelids closed, the eye surface can recuperate and refresh itself. If I close my eyes for less than 20 mins they feel worse, then they begin to improve. I don't know if anyone else has experienced it this way, but I know that 40 mins is optimum nap time for me
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