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    After reading a few posts that mentioned downturned eyelashes, I didn't feel so alone but as much as misery loves company, it doesn't make you feel pretty. I never wore a lot of makeup (with the exception of the 80s) but the red eyes, puffy eyelids and now the downturned, crazy eyelashes is just insult on top of injury, particularly for evening or public/media events when I normally would have worn makeup. You'd think we all suffer enough with the painful, dry eyes.

    So this morning, as I began my morning eye routine, I realized I haven't tried the obvious: An eyelash curler.

    It worked! If you don't have one, the Shiseido is hands-down the best. It's expensive, $19, but it will last and since the 80s, I've tried a couple of different curlers and the Shiseido is superior because it allows you to get super close to the lash line. They make a 24kt one but it's no different than the cheaper one so unless you need gold for some reason, stick to the original model.

    Make sure you clean it before and after for eyehealth reasons, although I admit, I'm not the best at this.

    I curled my lashes before I set out this morning and they stayed curled through my workout a couple of hours later. They did not, however, not last through my post-workout shower (I had the steamer on too so that made it worse). Even though the curl did not last through the shower, though, my lashes did NOT downturn like they are when I wake -- they just went straight and my lashes were always pretty straight before I started having eye issues/wearing masks/Tranquil Eyes.

    So, now this is my NEW morning procedure...
    Following my warm compress, I use saline on a Qtip to express/clean my lids. Then I take the Q tip and 'swipe' my lashes upwards.
    Rinse with saline & wait for lashes to dry.
    Use an eye lash brush and brush lashes upwards -- this will help with any crazy-lashes
    Put eyedrops in (this is important because when you use the lash curler, your eyelid is open for a period of time).
    Close eyes for 2 minutes so drops don't evaporate, etc.
    If your eyes are very dry, put more drops in JUST before you use curler.
    Use curler.

    Tips for using curler:
    - Don't crimp too hard. If you do, you will end up with an angle vs a curl.
    - Start as close to the base as you can and work your way up, slowly crimping as you go.
    - If you aren't experienced with lash curlers, this will take some practice so don't beat yourself up if it's not perfect the first time. I've been using curlers since the 80s and I still mess up occasionally when doing this.
    - If you are nervous about using a curler for the first time, go to Sephora or Nordstrom or similar and ask to talk with someone there about lash curlers. They will show you how to use them (and you can buy Shiseido there).

    Notes about my lashes:
    - My lashes are prob short-medium, so you don't need super long lashes to use a curler
    - Even before this eye mess I've got, I had fairly iron straight lashes (thus the curler) and I can get a decent curl using a lash curler.
    - I have had lash problems ever since I began wearing a sleep mask to help keep my lids shut at night. I've recently switched to Tranquil Eyes and the lash problem has continued.

    One last note: If you find a regular lash curler does not work (perhaps you have super thick lashes -- mine aren't and never have been), they DO make heated lash curlers. I've never used one but it's worth a try.

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    I just started doing this the other day too, seems to make them look a bit better and they feel more normal and less irritating to the eyelid when they're all going the same way. I just have some cheap ones from Muji and they seem to do the trick. I have some heated ones I bought ages ago but I never really got on with them before dry eye so haven't tried them.