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Eye Cream that is safe for sensitive eyes?

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  • Eye Cream that is safe for sensitive eyes?

    I have noticed that I have horrible bags under my eyes that have gotten worse as my eyes have gotten worse.
    I know its probably because of all the squinting, drops, and stuff I have been using, but I was wondering if anyone one on here is using a product for bags/wrinkles under the eyes??

    I am 22 and I honestly feel like I look like i am in my late 20's :/

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    Vivian I like to use organic Rosehip Seed Oil, it's very good for under the eyes and of course there are no nasty chemical ingredients.

    Alternatively you could look at using unrefined Shea Butter, I haven't tried this but I have read that lots of people really like it for an eye cream, again no artificial ingredients.

    My eyes have looked quite a bit worse since they got so dry a few months ago - squinting doesn't help does it! - mind you I'm 37 so it could just be age catching up on me!


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      I was wondering too what I can use around my eyes. Since LASIK I can't handle anything around my eyes. I now use Clinique lotion on my face, but not around my eyes. Unicorn, I am 37 too and this dry eye is not helping with the normal aging process.
      Lasik victim 2012


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        I use vaseline on my eyelids at night and have a special moisturizer from the dermatologist for under the eyes. I am incredibly sensitive to everything, so this is about all that works. Some people can't tolerate vaseline, but so far, so good. Good luck Vivian. I am thinking if you look 28, you still look amazing!


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          I agree with those, like unicorn and LaDiva, who favor essential oils or other single-ingredient products over creams. Creams contain emulsifiers that help water to bond to oil, and they irritate my eyes. It's almost as if they leech through the thin skin around my eyes and dry out my eyelids and corneas. In fact, if I use cream, my eyes hurt and feel drier. So, I have been using either some basic grapeseed oil which is very light. Or I use this product by By Nieves:



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            i use clinique but its not very moisturiinging-prob would be for you but im 37 and have been doingn warm compresses for about 4 years now and my skin is sooo dry... i dont think it makes my eyes drier as i always have one eye very dry adn the other not so much..i have mgd and sjogrens.