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Interesting Thread for Makeup Wearers

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  • Interesting Thread for Makeup Wearers

    For those of us who love makeup, but need to be prudent, this article, written by a DES sufferer, has some fun bits of information:

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    Bless you for this LaDiva, I am so very grateful ~ we've got junior prom coming up and a girl who's talking about not going because of this and rosacea. Here's the solution for us. You are a true star
    Paediatric ocular rosacea ~ primum non nocere


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      LOL! Some things are very important to us ladies! You are welcome Little Mermaid. I hope your daughter has a wonderful time! I'd forgotten about eyelash curlers, but done just right, using one could make a big fashion statement.


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        I used to use eye lash curlers, but as i get older my lashes arent as long as they used to be and are hard to curl. If I do use the curler, they don't seem to stay curled. In the old days, I used to curler after I put on my mascera so that it stayed that way... ;(


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          Think we are probably in the same boat Regina, but I am going to give it a try!


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            Well, well, ifrån you have good lashes the tips in the article may work, but mine are a few millimeters and colorless so I look like a naked mouse without makeup. Usel tog have lots of eye shadow and eye liner and special build up mascara. People are really reacting to how tired and gloomy I look now. And today everyone seem to have super lashes due to those lash products such ås Revitalash... but I seem not to tolerate those either. Got styes then...


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              I just ordered mascara and liner from this company. Although it's directed at contact lens users, I think dry eye sufferers can benefit, too. Hope others find useful!


              This is from their website:

              Thanks to their criteria for excellence, unique approach and the quality of their formulations, all products in the EYE CARE COSMETICS range have become the benchmark for eye and skin specialists (allergy specialists, dermatologists, ophtalmologists)

              With a unique approach, the EYE CARE COSMETICS skin care and makeup products were originally developed for women who wear contact lenses, as products that were just hypo-allergenic didn't satisfy all their needs.

              The 3 main specific needs are :

              to respect the eye area, especially the cornea and tear glands,
              to limit disturbance to the lacrymal film under the lense,
              to be compatible with the BIO material used for lenses.
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                Thanks Lacrima. I'll check this out! Sunshinelover, I quit wearing mascara a long time ago and only wear liner and shadow for special occasions. The big problem is getting it all off later, and maybe Lacrima has solved that one. The Huffington article is right about lipstick color. If you find the right one, it makes eye color more prominent.