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Feeling very depressed about using eyelash product.

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  • Feeling very depressed about using eyelash product.

    First off, I would never take a risk with my eyes being I already have so much trouble with my dry eyes for years. Nothing is worth the risk, not even nice eyelashes for someone like me who in recent years has lost most of them. But if something was not risky, then I feel like, why not? Still, I worry, so I posted on here about Revitalash & its ingredients but no one really knew. So I asked the ophthalmologist & he had no objection to the ingredients. The company of course said it was safe unlike Latisse & all the online research I did showed lots of happy customers without problems.

    So I used the entire tube this summer/fall. My eyes are worse, but are they worse from the product or because my eyes always get worse in the winter? Still, they feel worse than other winters but it's difficult to say for sure. Now that I have used it, all the negative info is coming to light. People who never had dry eyes now have chronic dry eyes as a result of using this just a handful of times, & not just one or two patients either.

    This company had reformulated this product last year to not include the bad ingredient, yet apparently the one I bought this year at the store still contained the bad ingredient & they do still in fact sell that version everywhere I see. The ingredient is in the same family of ingredients as the ingredient in Latisse that is risky with tons of possible side effects, but has a different name! And I never would use Latisse despite the great results my friends have. But I didn't recognize this as the bad ingredient at the time, & I thought this was their new formulation. The company is really sneaky & I am very frustrated that I could have done more damage. Anyway, I just needed to let it out, I am beside myself & it bothers me not knowing what I did exactly. I mean, I am sooo careful, I won't even take any anti depressants just because I can't risk it to my eyes. And yet my eyes depress me, as do all the Sjogren's symptoms.

    Thanks for listening.

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    Hi Betsy,
    I just read your post. Thanks for the info. on Revitalash as I have been wondering if it works. Do you know the name of the bad ingredient? I have Latisse and use it occasionally, and haven't been worried about the ingredients since it is an actual eye drop used for gluacoma (I think that's what I remember reading). But my eyes are so irritated and swollen all the time that I can't use it like I would like to. I feel your pain though. It is depressing to only have a few lashes. Not to mention the eye problems and the redness. You can't hide it. I try my best to camouflage with make-up, but that just can complicate things sometimes. I have ocular rosacea and meibomian gland dysfunction. My next step is Lipiflow. I know your post was a while back, so I hope you are doing better now.
    Have a great day!
    Ocular rosacea, MGD, RK 94