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Makeup and Lotion Free (mostly) and Loving it!

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  • izzyb
    I know this post is old, but I was searching (again) for any information I could find on not being able to wear makeup. I noticed that you said you couldn't wear lotion. Do you mean on your face or anywhere? I cannot wear any lotion or use any hair products to the burning from the chemicals/fragrance in them. Even the fragrance free or unscented still give off "fumes" and it burns my eyes horribly. I was wondering if I had found someone else with this problem. I haven't run across this issue with anyone before. Obviously eye makeup is not going to work (that seems to be the biggest topic with makeup), but I finally came to the realization that even foundation that emits no detectable smell burns my eyes. I finally gave it up. So why bother with lipstick when the rest of your face is plain and splotchy. Anyway....just trying to find out if there is a lotion or foundation out there that I could try that I haven't already. I do use Simple face cleansing products. They seem to be fine with the exception of the lotion, which I'm not sure about yet. Sometimes it is hard to pin down what is causing the burning, especially when you're around other people and environments.

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  • Amanda
    started a topic Makeup and Lotion Free (mostly) and Loving it!

    Makeup and Lotion Free (mostly) and Loving it!

    Instead of responding to individual posts I wanted to start a new post about wearing NO makeup or barely any makeup (sorry if there is one on this already and I missed it)! I LOVE makeup. I consider eye makeup an art and thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with various forms of eye makeup. I can no longer wear it. It is too irritating for my eyes. I can no longer use ANY lotions (that I have found so far) due to eye irritation except for an SPF that seems not to cause issues (Neutrogena Baby). SPF is important to me due to many years of sun worship and lifeguarding that have led to skin discoloration (oh, the joys

    Every once in awhile I define my eyebrows, curl my eyelashes, throw on some blush or bronzer and a little lipstick and walk out the door. This takes less than 5 minutes and it is FANTASTIC.

    Although it took an adjustment period to absorb the fact that I would no longer be able to wear much makeup (in a society that is so fixated on looks), I am FINALLY able to embrace it! I especially enjoy the minimal amount of time it now takes me to "get ready" in the morning.