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natural beauty vs. make-up

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  • natural beauty vs. make-up

    this is to all the women on dry eye zone who can't use make up on their dry eyes to know YOU DONT NEED IT! (diana *hubba hubba* )

    natural beauty wins in my book. i don't care what anyone thinks, but it's true. i'd rather go out with a chick that never applied any make-up in her life and made my jaw drop than a girl in mascara and eyeliner and lipstick and nail polish etc etc etc. here's why.

    1. you KNOW what you're getting.

    2. she's ready to go!

    girls that don't wear clown masks cut tons of time off getting ready to leave someplace.

    3) too much make-up = UGLY

    there's a thin line between a little make-up and too much make-up, women cross this line OFTEN.

    4) doesn't leave telltale signs!

    bottom line: natural beauty ROCKS YER FREAKIN SOCKS OFF!
    ahem. thank you.

    note: this is also why i don't like tattoos and while i don't mind piercings, would rather the woman were not pierced.

    so which do you like better? natural girls or clown-faced girls?

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    Goodness sakes, Homes.

    You've made us speechless once more. You certainly know how to "push the envelope" with the themes of your posts! It's a wonder Rebecca and Cindy can sleep at night...

    (I see you've been "watered down" a bit...) Can't really blame 'em...

    I must admit I truly appreciate what you have to say to us former eye make-up wearers. I assume your post was meant as a pick-me-up for your fellow DEZ ladies and I must thank you for that. You are defintely a fun and thoughtful member of this site. Fortunately you have "nine lives".

    The fact that it is impossible for me to wear eye make-up is truly a sore spot with me. I'd always worn it, though understood well that over-doing it was not pretty. I am certain I used just the proper amount, and was proud of large, bright eyes. I actually had the nerve to hate the fact that they were hidden behind glasses.

    Now unfortunately, my eyes are no longer a feature worth mentioning. As much as I feel badly about this, I'm usually too consumed with my comfort. I actually feel guilty even THINKING about what my eyes actually look like. I pray for a non-burning, functional day and feel selfish even considering a wish to wear eye make-up. Perhaps some day it will happen, but for now I'll just to hope there really is some natural beauty that you seem so sure is there.

    As for all the reasons you appreciate the natural look...

    Well, gosh, I couldn't possibly relate to ALL of them. Er, uh, I mean, in your uncensored post...there are certainly plenty of conveniences that go along with spending quality time with a gal who doesn't overdue the makeup. I'd never seen them enumerated before, but your points made good sense - they skipped right over wholesome and moral - but were logical enough.

    I will gladly consider all of those points should my life revert back to the days when I was a little more...uh...carefree. Until that time, you can carefully keep us updated on your escapades and this thirty-something will live vicariously through you. I mean, I know you struggle with those dry eyes of yours, but they don't seem to have slowed you down much...

    Never play leapfrog with a unicorn.


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      I think Homes temporarily got us confused with the newsgroup.
      Rebecca Petris
      The Dry Eye Foundation


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        Yep, Homes, you’ve done it again. Do you stay up nights thinking of ways to shake us out of our middle-aged complacency?? As one of the fortunate few who happened to see your uncensored post, my jaw was dropping as I was laughing my butt off. It’s a good thing I am quick at minimizing, as my 13 & 14 year olds wanted to know what was so funny.

        You certainly put an interesting twist on wearing/not wearing makeup. So much for the telltale signs of lipstick on the collar……I never realized how dangerous these extended wear lipsticks could be!

        However, I would bet that those gorgeous chicks you …er….missed out on WERE wearing makeup. Makeup applied correctly looks very natural and subtle. It really doesn’t have to scream “I am wearing mascara and liner”. But you are correct.....some women just over do it.

        I like sports and the great outdoors (one of the reasons for my Lasik) so have always avoided the too-much-makeup look. Doesn't look pretty sweating off your face during a good game of tennis! And I don't do mornings.....getting out of bed is not my favorite thing to do (and not necessarily for reasons you mentioned), but I am not wasting my precious bed time for applying makeup!!

        But thanks for trying up uplift us ladies who just wanna feel pretty.....


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          Darnit! I only saw the censored post! I was too late!!! I guess I'll have to use my "imagination"! Or someone could send me a private message with the REAL version!

          As far as makeup, I quit wearing it when I found out my then boyfriend now husband didn't like it. I less thing to do in the morning. I still wear a light powder foundation to cover my "middle-aged" acne...but other than that...that's it. I quit the eye makeup before my lasik and dry I guess I had nothing to mourn!



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            Unfortunately, I'm one of those people who look really pale and just plain non-descript without some sort of blush, lipstick, and a little bit of eye makeup. I wish I had natural beauty, but I don't. When I discovered that I could tolerate some eye makeup just recently after years of going without, I was ecstatic. I received many compliments, and felt so much better about my appearance. I echo the comments that makeup, when properly applied, can make a big difference in one's appearance.


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              How, Homes.........

              Did you find that picture of me? Whatsmore, you're in trouble for posting it.
              It was taken on one of my worst days.

              Don't trust any refractive surgeon with YOUR eyes.

              The Dry Eye Queen


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                Lucy, I didn't picture you as one who overdid the makeup, but I guess if Mimi really is you then you've found your new avatar.
                Never play leapfrog with a unicorn.


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                  Zip it, Diana.
                  Don't trust any refractive surgeon with YOUR eyes.

                  The Dry Eye Queen


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                    Consider me zipped. Just like Homes.
                    Never play leapfrog with a unicorn.


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                      Okay, I can only imagine what all the "zipping" is about between Homes, Lucy and Diana....hmm...
                      You know I have to voice my opinion to this thread!
                      Homes, one question for you, do you look at any magazines at all? (No, not Playboy or any of those magazines) but, let's say, People? Do you like all the "natural" beauties like Eva Langoria, Penelope Cruz, Katie Holmes, etc..?
                      Let me explain how "natural" they are.....They have hours of hair, makeup and lighting before they are even photographed and then their photo is airbrushed to soften the lines, sags and imperfections. The picture you see of them usually looks nothing like they actually look like in person!
                      That's even after many, many of them have undergone thousands of dollars worth of botox, liposuction, and various other forms of being nipped and tucked.
                      I live in a city where "natural" beauty is abundant (HA!) and, trust me, if you actually saw some of these people in person, they would scare you. (Trust me, I've seen/met them all!)
                      As for "regular folks"....even they aren't natural these days. Most women use tinted foundation or sunscreen and some type of mascara & blush before ever even leaving the house. Did you know that rhinoplastic surgery (nose jobs) is the number one surgery performed by doctors worldwide?! That's followed closely by breast surgery. "Natural" a--!
                      Can you tell you hit a sore spot?
                      As an aging actress it really kills me when men say they love "natural beauty" but then drool over all the celebrities that are more plastic than Barbie ever was!


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                        Phooey natural beauty

                        Yeah, if you're a genetically gifted teenager! My daughter lives in Hollywood and like you, Kyle, she could tell you some stories about how these celebs look in real life! It's discrimination, pure and simple, but hey, I can't fight it so I spend 20 minutes every day putting on stuff to look "natural" and to look like some semblance of how I feel inside (young and gorgeous, of course!).


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                          to add on to all the messages having to do w/ beauty, natural beauty, etc. I want to add my two cents. Being only 18, it really sucks to have messed up eyes and not be able to wear eye makeup when you're surrounded by beautiful people your own age that look like they're out of a magazine. i know i've posted comments on here before myself that have to do w/ being self concious of the way i look and i realize some things i've said in posts in the past. as hard as it is though, this past year I've been REALLY trying to slowly change my way of thinking, and i think everyone else should work at it to.

                          Beautiful or not, this was how God made us and how he wanted us to be. I hate to say it, but if someone doesn't like you because of the way you look, then they aren't worth being friends anyways. i've met some people at college so far that seem to accept me for the way i am, damaged eyes, no makeup, and all.

                          there are people a lot worse off than us, too. for some reason i can't help but to think of the movie "mask" w/ cher, which is based on a true story. the boy in that had a horribly disfigured face, but an amazing self esteem and sense of self confidence, which gave him a personality that was attractive to many. and its true- if people who might be considered unattractive act beautiful on the inside, it tends to show outside, too.

                          besides, even if we could get plastic surgery to fix whatever we're unhappy with, haven't y'all seen those oprah episodes about plastic surgery? Even after their surgery they are still unhappy, because it turns out that its not an external problem that needs fixing, but an internal problem.

                          i think all of us, including me, need to work on attitude adjustments and realize what is really important. i'm not meaning to sound cliche-ish, or hipocritical, but I just think it's all something we should work on. Natural beauty, beauty, or unattractiveness, whatever we look like, we're stuck in this body. It will continue to fail us as we grow older, whether we want it to or not. Even though we might not be able to change our outside appearance though, we should work on changing the inside.


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                            Amy, you are exactly correct. Homes made the same point from the perspective of a "vivacious" young man. He sure knows how to get us talking, doesn't he?!
                            Never play leapfrog with a unicorn.


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                              oh yes, and i definately meant to say that i agree with homes. sorry i forgot to mention that!