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Traveling with serum drops

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  • Traveling with serum drops

    So far I've been using a stainless steel thermos with ice to store my serum drops while traveling. I have found that this method keeps my drops ice cold (even colder than the refrigerator) even after about 10 hours, especially if I put the thermos in the freezer beforehand.

    While this has been a pretty good method for driving type travel, I am curious as to how it would be received by airlines. The plan is to put it in my carry-on bag.

    I've seen the fancier insulin coolers that are battery powered, but they are very expensive and my $20 thermos solution does just as good a job I think.

    Here's the thermos:

    Since the drops are prescription, I didn't think it would be an issue, but the ice (liquid) may be...Any thoughts, especially those traveling to and from the U.S.?

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    i travel with my serum drops in a stainless steel thermos all the time. As long as i pull the thermos out of the bag and put it in the tray with my computer, shoes, etc. there has never been a problem so no worries. Cheers!


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      That's what I use, with tiny ice packs inside and TSA, nationally and internationally, are fine with it. On occasion, they ask me to show them what's inside and when they see it, they think nothing of it. I just tell them they need to be kept cold because they are made with my blood.


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        Thanks, everyone. Guess I will use the ice packs versus the ice cubes for traveling since I may have to empty the contents out for TSA. Very helpful!


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          Also, be sure to have your serum drops labeled from pharmacy stating that they must be kept refrigerated
          Yet another post-Lasik (2005)...
          Anyone have a time machine so I can go back and undo this mess?


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            These are the ice packs I cut to size for my Thermos:
            note: I've never ordered from the above site, I just used the link to show the product.


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              Oh thank you guys! These packs are so cool! And yes...the label, I need to locate that. Great!