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Air conditioning in vehicles

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  • Air conditioning in vehicles

    When driving in vehicles and suffering from DES, it is very important to use the recirc(ulation) mode sparingly. When in recirc about 80% of the air runnung through the A/C system is cabin (in vehicle) hence the term recirc. This air has already been dried out a bit at least once and the continual recirculation dries it out even more every time it goes through. Couple this with a highly visual low blink rate activity like driving and it is double trouble for us DES peeps.Driving while tired will lower blink rate even more, well until you fall asleep at the wheel I suppose. Newer vehicle owners manuals are starting to include this cautionary information. Usually there is a button with a vehicle icon on it with a horizontal u with an arrow at the end on the A/C panel. Turn it off after the vehicle is cool enough and never use recirc when the air inside the vehicle is hotter than the air outside. All you do then is make the A/C work harder to cool hotter air. In non recirc mode most of the air running throug the A/C system is from outside and hopefully has some humidity in it to help our eyes. Isn't it amazing that before Lasik became popular none of this got(needed?) much attention? Hmm...

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    Great info! Thanks!
    Also I am never without my Panoptyx when traveling in a car. They are the best thing I have found for protection against heat/air conditioning in the car. When I drive with other people in their car I always make sure to bring them with me in my purse in case they turn something on.


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      Wow! Thanks!

      Suffered thru this problem all day. The new Hyundai Santa Fe Limited has a sunroof (no option, had to get it) With a sunroof the air is so much hotter in the vehicle and I got a dark color for Texas....stupid..stupid...stupid!

      Anyway, I was in the car today and my brain said if I just use inside air and don't let any outside air in will be cooler. I used recirc all day and I have the eyes from hell tonight. Blame this on the stress of moving. We were inside and outside several times. I'm so glad to see your very informative post. Now if I can just remember it. Moving is not wimps. No recirc, no recirc, no recirc ...I've got to get a new pair of Panoptyx or something with a seal. Not too many options when you wear a 5x reading glasses.

      As soon as we recover from this move ...(Anyone want to buy a beautiful house in the country? Quiet and Peaceful..wonderful town)...Oh this isn't allowed anyway. Just teasing. Anyway I am going to pursue Dr. G's mini scelerals. I understand that he can fit the wavefront contacts now. Then I could wear contacts under the regular panoptx. THat's the next step after the move stuff gets settled down.

      Gads!!! I wrote a book. My husband calls it rambling Sorry folks.



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        Interesting point about the re-circ. I've been wearing my new Wiley-X sunglasses when driving but the problem is that when the car windows are closed, the glasses fog up! When you're inside without air movement, they fog, which is really frustrating. If I open the car window or walk around outside, they're great. So I actually have to sort of aim the A/C at the sides of my face to make a little air movement thru the glasses. It's ironic since my point is to avoid the air movement.


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          I wonder if there is a way to humidify the inside of a car?

          I wear sunglasses and point the vents up or down.


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            Check the forum on humidifiers etc - I'm certain there have been some posts about car humidifiers. I think there are models that plug into the cigarette lighter thingy.
            Rebecca Petris
            The Dry Eye Foundation