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  • Update on flight !


    Just wanted to update you on my flight.

    Thanks to the many tips submitted by you, I managed to have two great 9 hour flights. I was stressing soo much about it, and worrying that I may not be able to travel by plane ever again !! However, I drank lots of water the week leading up to the flight, and used Genteal for Severe Dry eye on the flight, and it appeared to do the trick. The most useful (and obvious) tip was to keep my eyes closed for as long as possible - which isnt very sociable, but worth it to me. I must admit, when we landed in NC, my eyes felt extremely angry and looked quite red, but I look around at other peoples, and most "normal" peoples eyes were red anyway !!! not just me.

    At the moment during these winter months my latest struggle is against the heat fans at work which I have to put up with with 8 hours a day. I still get very paranoid that people are always thinking that my eyes look red. They arent completely blood shot, (theyve never ever been brilliant white anyhow).

    Still cant drink alcohol like I used to (I am not an alcoholic :O)) - as it makes my eyes feel gritty and they go red. But hey ho !

    Bye for now

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    good to hear
    I think I'm gonna start a facebook group against Airco's in Office buildings.

    Get this and try to understand the logic :
    I'm here in Belgium and temperature outside is 7 degrees celcius ... over my head are 2 giant pipes that blow COLD dry air into the office space.

    WHAT THE ...

    Next time I see the airconditioning-man running around here I 'm gonna head up to him and ask him if he's got cold air running trough his head in his home too at the moment...

    Airconditioning people are responsible for so much strain and pain ... they just don't care how the installation is set up ... they just install the thing, charge a lot of money for it and let it blow winter and summer for the money's worth ...

    I'm sorry I sound a bit pissed , but every single one of us are coughing and sneezing their lungs out here.