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  • Airplane!

    I survived a trip! From Portland, OR to SF. I'm also super SICK, cough, sinus issues, etc., so it sucked, but my eyes did totally okay? Hmmm, maybe I'm having more mucous or something. But I totally survived, I just feel like crap.....and had to be in a hotel all weekend at a conference.

    Thought I would share, that I did okay even though I was super worried.

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    glad you got through ok! I haven't flown since this dry eye thing came on in March of 07.. I want to fly again but am still a little scared as I am so dry and the air is just awful on planes. Did you do anything special for your eyes while flying?


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      Sorry you're sick... I almost wonder if that made up for the environmental challenges of traveling. Lots of people have reported here over the years about their eyes being much better when they're under the weather. Mucous ain't much fun in its other permutations but in the eyes it often makes the difference between being OK and miserable.
      Rebecca Petris
      The Dry Eye Foundation


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        Yeah, who knows. I sure hope it's a sign that my eyes are getting better though!!!

        I kept my eyes closed for most of the flight with my ipod on. I'm sure that helped. Others have posted more helpful flying tips here.


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          Good news lboogie. What type of plane?

          If you were on a turbo prop, your not flying quite as high. Thus, the cabin pressure is much lower, probably around 4-5,000 feet. This provides much more oxygen to your eyes than 10,000 feet like many large passenger jets. I have no idea how oxygen affects "dry eyes" but it is essential to the function of vision and especially the production of rhodopsin for low light sensitivity. I can't help but think it would be beneficial to dry eyes.