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Greetings from sunny Florida

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  • Greetings from sunny Florida

    Hello all,
    I am coming up on the second week we've been in Florida. I'm loving the sun and warm weather. Our home in Michigan was like a long, dark time this winter. Snow, no sun and cold.

    It is very dry here in Florida and I believe they are in a drought. I have my trusty RX Panoptx glasses/goggles with me, along with my Tranquileyes at night. My eyes have been quite comfy since I've been here. I wear the goggles quite a bit. Get a few stares now and then. I know the weather here is much more friendly to dry eyes than the heated hot forced air at home.l

    I've been without a computer and am having minor withdrawal. We are staying with relatives in Fla. I have a sister here and my husband does also, and we are splitting our time staying with both. We are very lucky. I've done more in the past 10 days than in the past year at home. We hope to stay for another two weeks and then back to the north country. I'll be able to check in now and again as my sister in law has a computer. Best to all. Lucy
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    Hallo Lucy,

    are your eyes doing better in Florida?Even if the climate is dry?


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      Welcome to FL Lucy. Yes, at least in N. Florida it has been pretty dry. The weather has been very unusual this month- we go from freezes one week to beach weather the next. Hope you enjoy your stay and glad you are feeling better. jen