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Big trip planning -- and scared

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  • Big trip planning -- and scared

    So I know it's terrible to worry about things that haven't happend yet .......but I'm planning a trip to Africa (Tanzania and Kenya) in December. It's an amazing opporunity b/c we'll be visiting my boyfriend's family who will be there on a teaching exchange.

    I love to travel, but ever since the lasik dry eye mess I have not done any to speak of. And this would be major. Long flights, safari, dry weather. I would be devestated to not be able to go, but I'm afraid of being able to stay comfortable.

    ANY thoughts, advice, support would be appreciated. The trip is 6 months. I would love to say, I'll be better then -- but that will also mark my 2 year post-lasik date ;(

    Thanks everyone.

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    I do a lot of traveling, and I have been to Kenya. If I were you, I wouldn't want to miss this experience. I'll admit, traveling isn't easy on long flights, but you deal with it the best you can, with moisturizing eye-drops, and don't forget your supplements. I always look like hell when I get off of the airplane - I'm surprised my red-eyes don't get me stopped at border control, but there are plenty of bleary-eyed people getting off of those long flights.


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      Laura, do not hesitate for one minute to take this trip. What a wonderful opportunity. You will be surprised how much something like this will keep your mind occupied with something other than your eyes.

      You know the routine by now. Take your drops, Tranquileyes, Panoptx, glasses etc. Maybe your eye doc would prescribe an eye antibiotic drop just in case you have an infection. But, for heaven sakes, go--have fun and don't look back. I'm so excited for you.

      There is always relief with the closing of the eyes. You go girl.!!

      Don't trust any refractive surgeon with YOUR eyes.

      The Dry Eye Queen


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        What a wonderful opportunity. I second what Lucy said, "You go girl!"

        Take a good pair of goggles not just glasses to really protect your eyes, and definitely bring a good antibiotic and steroid with you just in case.

        Don't pass this one up!

        You can do it,


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          That sounds like a wonderful opportunity!

          At the same time, I understand the anxiety a trip this size can impose on you....I mean, I've barely traveled since I've gotten dry eye...simply leaving the house can be tough.

          But I echo what the others have said, do not give up this opportunity. So, instead, be as prepared as possible. Make sure you have all the supplies you need and may need. For example, you may never needed tranquileyes, but purchase a pair just in case. Bring more eyedrops than you would need. Do some research and have a list of eye docs nearby in case you might need one. Buy a humidifier to bring, or ship one there. Basically, just prepare for the worse.

          Also, I would do some mental preparation. Remain flexible. Don't plan too much or force yourself to do too much. Know that there might be days that you will just stay in bed because of the DE...that way if it does happen, you won't feel so bummed out because you've mentally prepared. If the trip lasts 6 months, there will be plenty of time to explore Africa. Also, if worse comes to worse, you can always buy a plane ticket home. I know that doesn't sound like the best plan, but personally, it helps me to know that I won't be trapped.


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            thank you everyone....I guess you're right...I will manage. I'm mostly concerned about not having any way to do warm compress and the dry air. I mean I'm pretty sure my options will be limited on a 5 day tented safari! Are there any of the chemical activated type things that might work for compress in a pinch?

            I think I will most definitely get some foam goggles. And I guess use drops, drops, drops. I usually do okay without too many drops during my day to day life. But yeah, this will be very different.

            But THANK YOU for the encouragement.....I just can't believe this surgery that was supposed to make trips like this so great, has made me so trepid to do anything really.


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              I spent some time in Malawi (right next to Tanzania) last summer and actually was surprised to find incredible improvement in my condition. I'm not sure why exactly as it was not humid there. I was on doxycycline at the time for malaria prevention and since this was before I was diagnosed with blepharitis, I had no idea that might be helping me. (so of course I stopped taking it when I got home. That's when things started to get bad.)

              It may also have been so hot there all the time that my oil was always flowing.

              And honestly, it may have been because every moment there was so interesting and so full of experience that I simply stopped worrying about my eyes for awhile. That was nice.

              Let me know if you have any questions about traveling to and in Africa. I would recommend buying the chemical hand warmer packs skiiers use for hot compresses on the go. I would thing they would work well.


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                Wow...can I come, I will advise you throughout the day on humidity, dust levels and lay your drops out for you so you don't have to rummage.

                Panoptix will help a lot, get a pair if you don't already have one.

                When I went on a camping trip I put my rice baggy on the inside of the car on the front dashboard. It worked very well.When we hit a town I had it heated up in a cafe and did my eyes while we ate.Worked very well.



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                  You can use bottled drinking water for your eyes as pouring on a clean washcloth. Actually, with the warmth of the air, the compress could get warm in no time on it's own. Good luck.
                  Don't trust any refractive surgeon with YOUR eyes.

                  The Dry Eye Queen


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                    Those hand warmers are a good idea. Tseng does have exactly what you are looking for though.
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