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Pursuing dream career with dry eye?

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  • Pursuing dream career with dry eye?

    Hi guys,
    I have a big decision coming up in my life and was wondering if ye could offer any advice.
    I have the option of pursuing my dream career(i get that butterfly feeling in my stomach whenever i think about it) or choosing a "Safer" option because of my eyes.
    If i chose the latter i would not have to work in a hospital,on a computer all day,less stress etc.
    However,its not my true goal.
    I read a story last night about a guy who went blind after getting into med school and he still managed to get through it.
    What do u think?
    I just dont want to look back in 30 years time and wonder "what if",but on the other hand my eyes may burn so bad that i dont enjoy the job.

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    I think if there's a will, there's a way. Not easy necessarily, but possible.
    Not only do you need a STELLAR attitude (not always easy but we'll be hear to boost you on the tough days) but you need support from your peers. Tell them what you need, tell them that you need access to your drops and what that entails so that they can support you properly.


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      same phase im going through
      I work on computer almost 7/8 hrs a day and im of 29years age suffering from sjs past 21 years!
      Im into a business which requires me to be on pc for 7hrs atleast per day.

      My doctor wasnt much aware abt it but when he came to know he advised me to choose such a career inwhich i dnt have to put much stress on eyes.
      He added that even the normal eye people sitting more than 4hrs a day are likely to get moderate dry eye problems.
      So he advised me to get into such thing where eyes would be less affected.If more problems come and i may get disabled to work on pc, i would regret my choice of work profile and would have to start building my career all over again

      So i personally have decided to leave this work slowly and get onto something else within 1-2 years time.

      Consider the severity of ur problems, knowing ur capabilities and risk taking ability will play a part inur decision.
      I have decided to follow the doctors advise though.
      All the best fr ur career!
      Really need to be a ROCK to take the pain!


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        Hi Anthony

        How much difference is there between your ideal goal and your contingency plan? I wouldn't worry too much about what you will think in 30 years. It might be that you feel better equipped to pursue your ideal in a few years time but not now - i say this to encourage you,

        I changed careers because of my eye problems and quickly realised I was better suited to it than the roles I held previously. The stress element is a major one!


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          Thanks for the advice.
          Ya,i think that im going to stick with the "safe" option for now.Hopefully ,if things improve(im turning 20 this month)then i may decide otherwise.Monetarily both careers are pretty similar.
          ill be looking into ipl,lipiflow,serum,sclerals etc so maybe things will improve.
          If not,then i guess i may have to accept it