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What cheers you up?

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  • What cheers you up?

    After 10 months of dry eye, I can admit I feel now how people with health problems live life. I never had any health problem, I was always a computer and internet addict. Im not gonna reveal my story but I had an LCD screen that had proper brightness and comfort for eyes. Then in my studies i got tired and bought a laptop and this is where complications started. I workout almost daily and apparently I have decent looks (this is why Dry eye is irritating me psychologically).

    What cheers you up and dealing with dry eyes? Here is my list:

    1. Apprently 20+ million of Americans have it
    2. Possible new drops or solutions within 5-10 years ( you can bet)
    3. It affects your life but it doesn't kill you (problem is caution of advancing age)
    4. Nature is a possible cure (nutrition, supplements, Sun,etc.)
    5. It's not cancer and it learns us to care of us DAILY.

    Here is some positivity.

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    Agree with points 2-5 not really sure I can agree with point 1 I wouldn't wish dry eye on my worst enemy.

    Five things that cheer me up in no particular order

    1. Euro 2012(soccer tournament) starts today - come on England!
    2. Yoga
    3. X-Box 360
    4. Re-starting breakdancing despite now being the wrong side of 30
    5. This song by Adam Tensta - My Cool(heard it the other day and can't stop listening to it, Youtube it now)


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      Thanks for trying to find some positive outlook on this.

      Here is what cheers me up, as well as positives that have come out of this:

      1) going for a good run and listening to my music
      2) hanging out with my daughters - although now more limited - still trying to find enjoyment in the little things
      3) Taking care of myself - focusing on better nutrition, spiritual and health overall
      4) recognizing how important my family and friends are to me and not taking them for granted
      5) If you haven't watched it - check out the movie Soul Surfer - great feel good movie of a girl who overcame a huge obstacle in her life and overcame it


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        HI Laura,

        Your (5), SO you don't have a problem watching a movie? That's a blessing. I heard that Soul Surfer was a great movie. But I'm not sure if I could finish the whole movie without my eyes bothering me.

        Three things helped me stay focused: workout, prayers and sharing with friends (on this forum too)


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          I can watch it in bits - sometimes TV doesn't bother me as much as others. But what a great movie - with a great message. I would say prayer has helped me a lot as well.


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            I mean more in the way of dealing with dry eyes. What cheers you up when you are depressed about dry eyes haha. But its ok guys, the anwers are interesting. Not being able to use the computer and tv properly is what makes me go crazy

            im not happy that 20+ million american have it its more of a way of not feeling alone, you know? I hate health problems, i would prefer having financial problems


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              1.The Summer
              2.Nice Doctor's
              3.Exclusion Diet's Ending
              4.My Four Year Old Nephew
              Lulu x


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                What cheers me up:

                - My wife and kids (9 year old boy and 6 year old girl)
                - Youth soccer. I coach my son's U10 team. Even on my bad days they make me laugh. The best part is they're not even trying to!
                - Summer
                - Golf, even though I'm terrible
                - The times I wake up and my eyelids are NOT stuck! It's starting to happen sometimes, and I'm hoping it becomes more and more frequent.

                Great topic!


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                  Dryeye4ever what cheers a lot of people up when depressed about dry eyes is probably going to be something non eye related. When my eyes are really bad I want anything to distract me from thinking about them, thinking about eye drops, future cures anything eye related merely makes me more down.


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                    I agree Robster.

                    1. My six year old son and husband
                    2. Going for walks with my 7eyes on
                    3. Watching movies with onion goggles on
                    4. Playing video games. I once was a huge gamer, but I can still play some.
                    5. Reading if my eyes are ok with onion goggles
                    Lasik victim 2012


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                      To me its hard to even enjoy myself anymore. I dont do things as much as I used to. I'm always self concious of my eyes. and it doesnt help when my left eye gets worse, so I feel that its more noticeable when one is more irriated looking than the other.


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                        Great post BTW!

                        1.Lovely wife and beautiful Kids
                        2.Jogging and Tai chi and body toning
                        3.Acting crazy and Carefree
                        6.Looking after my insides and outsides by diet and supplements
                        7.My Pen*s Size..... ahahahahahahahaaa!! Sorry joking i had to crack that one out!!
                        8.Gaming and Bluray 3d movies
                        "Only the body can heal itself, and all healing must come from within your body."


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                          I am so fortunate to be able to contribute to this thread.

                          1. Hearing the rain bounce of the roof, while laying in bed.
                          2. Drinking green matcha tea with vanilla soy milk.
                          3. Listening to my dog purr.
                          4. Trying to play Clue with my super pro family.
                          5. Knowing that I am a spiritual being.
                          6. Waking up and realizing that it is Saturday.
                          7. Getting rid of clutter . . . old clothing, china, knick knacks . . . old grudges.
                          8. Thinking of my courageous husband and kids.
                          9. Living in the moment . . . and believing that I can heal when in the middle of an eye consuming moment.

                          If you asked me this question a year ago, you would have gotten a much shorter list. For those of you who are recovering from the trauma of post lasik dry eye, know that time does heal the wounds. . . and the eyes!


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                            There is absolutely still a lot to enjoy in life although unfortunately dry eye always plays a role in just about anything i do these days.

                            Things i enjoy most;

                            1. Spending quality time with my loved ones.
                            2. My two grandchildren. (1.5 years and 6 months)
                            3. Biking/jogging.
                            4. Drinking the first cup of coffee on a sunny morning in our garden reading the paper and dez.
                            5. Restoring late 60s muscle cars and cruising around.
                            6. Collecting vintage japanese tin plate toys.
                            7. Buying sneakers ( yeah,i know it's stupid)
                            8. Listening to old skool hip hop and rap on vinyl.
                            9. Watching english detectives.


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                              1) Summer know when the weather is just a perfect mix of sunny and slightly breezy. Always makes me smile

                              2) Spending time with great friends and laughing so hard I can barely breathe!

                              3) My 7 month old puppy - she's hilarious and definitely distracting

                              4) When my boyfriend does something small that might not seem like much but makes my day.

                              5) Hugs - many and often!
                              The eye altering, alters all - William Blake