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Dry eyes and computer work

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  • Dry eyes and computer work

    I'm just wondering if anyone here has had to quit their job due to their dry eye condition. I work in a small dry office with no windows and parts of the week at a hospital with extremely bright lights, also dry and fans and air conditioning or heating everywhere. Most days I barely survive and the computer work for 10+ hours a day is a killer.

    I do the 20-20-20 rule from the computer and close my eyes every possible chance I can. My drops are needed every 30 minutes or compresses and I'm seriously thinking of leaving. My employer doesn't understand the difference between dry eye disease and computer strain so they are not willing to put me on disability.

    I have a humidifier and an air cleaner in my office but it makes no difference. I am having dimmer lights installed, have adjusted the brightness on my monitor and print out emails to read them on paper instead of on screen, which reading is increasingly difficult now too.

    I'm just curious how others are handling computer jobs with their dry eyes. I am in Canada and have been told I cannot have moisture chamber goggles/wrap around glasses made for my progressive prescription and I don't know what else to do. I have had tints put on my glasses but that only helps with the glare a little.

    It's not always convenient to take the necessary breaks for my eyes but I also don't want to jeopardize my eyes further because of my job. I would appreciate any thoughts on this.

    Thank you ...

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    Originally posted by Ericska View Post

    I'm just curious how others are handling computer jobs with their dry eyes. I am in Canada and have been told I cannot have moisture chamber goggles/wrap around glasses made for my progressive prescription and I don't know what else to do.
    I wouldnt be able to do my computer job without my moisture chamber glasses. Have you tried calling different optometrist offices to see if they can put your lenses in either the wiley x or 7eye? I was ignorant on progressive lenses until I googled them just now; but maybe you could get a pair of goggles without prescription and use a zoom tool that people with bad eyes use for the computer if you cant see without glasses.

    Also where is your humidifier? I need mine right above me with the mist right in front of my face for it to help.


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      Thank you. My humidifier is beside me. Good idea, I will try to move it on my desk.

      I have tried optometrist offices, glasses places in the malls and I have even Googled places in Ontario and I'd be willing to order them. What I was thinking, since my eyes are so bad I couldn't get non-prescription but perhaps I could do just the distance. Most of the time, actually all of the time, I take my glasses off to read up close. Progressives are a money grab really. Maybe this way I can get something for work.

      I really appreciate the points .. I will let you know ... fingers crossed!


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        I have a lot of trouble too. Here are some things that helped me
        - Use a dark theme. White on the computer really affects my eyes
        - Setup a leaf above my head to block out the lights


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          Thank you! I forgot about the dark theme on the computer. I did that years ago and loved it!!

          I have similar to the leaf above my head. What I did was I put regular file folders shaped as boxes around the fluorescent lights! It looks funny but it helps!

          I will do the computer dark theme tomorrow!!!


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            Hi, I am also dealing with leaving the job daily. I have stretched the current job till 1 year and planning to leave now. I have seen If i take a less strenuous , less load job I am able to somewhat survive even if I get less salary . Salary I think is not important for us other then our health. I also face issues daily at workplace for lights , AC. I daily call the house keeping guys and lower or close my AC. If I am not comfortable with the seat I change it. A lot of issues makes me depressed but have to deal with it with daily guilt of doing lasik. Also I wear antiglare glasses and antiglare screen , this helps somewhat.


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              Thank you DJSHAH - I'm sorry to read you are depressed but completely understand. I stare at people and wonder how it's possible they are not suffering like we are. I notice everyones waterline and the whites of their eye and I get so jealous and angry! Stupid I know, but it is what it is. I have antiglare glasses and tints on my glasses.

              What will you do for work now? That is what I am thinking is changing jobs that have nothing to do with computers and as you said - less hours. Right now I convinced my employer that i want every Monday off but I don't know how long that is going to last. Other days I work 10 - 12 hours so its like i never got that extra day off after all. No job is worth risking the health of my eyes.

              I never had Lasik surgery or any eye surgery and have been tested for just about everything. All I get from doctors is "your situation is unique". Well, thanks doc!

              I had a friend over last night and she wears perfume and I almost had to ask her to leave because it was so strong that it actually burned my eyes! So yes, I understand the depression part. I've pretty much cut my social life down. All I do is work and go home. I'm 46 and just keep asking myself - "is this really the rest of my life?"

              As everyone here says "there is hope" and we have to believe this. Sending hugs.


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                I'm in my mid 50s. I too am chem-sensitive, ultra-light-sensitive and EMF sensitive.
                My experiences are sorta like this guy:

                Try dabbing tiny bits of White tiger balm at temples
                ASK YOUR DOCT. FOR GABAPENTIN - it sorta helps me.
                300 mg. 3x a day.
                Try a G-Midifier if you have a forced-air vent nearby.

                But above all, health vs. job is more important. I long long ago quit my job due to developing RSI in wrists & arms from typing (at that time I had also developed my stabbing eye pains, but never made the connection to the RSI)

                What's a job anyway, if after all, the world is going to h in a h. Look at world news!
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                  Thanks Minni but quitting isn't an option for me right now. I'm 46. I wish I had that much savings to quit. Yes, Health is MUCH more important but I'm alone so supporting myself makes it a problem.


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                    Hi there Ericska, I have had to take leave of my job due to dry eyes for past six months. I am considering moisture glasses and am looking into ways to get my progressives in the lenses. I know you can order frames with prescriptions but of course progressives must be measured. I think you might be able to order frames, get a local optician to help with measuring and send them back to be installed in glasses? I am in Canada also. That is what I think I will try. I also have multiple chemical sensitivities and allergies which my eye doc thinks is the main contributor to my problems. I look at people's eyes all the time too! Jealous of how they are just walking about, living life. It is important to stay positive for sure. Someday we will find something that works. Best of luck :-)


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                      Hi Anncorr - sorry for the very delayed response but I stay off the computer as much as possible. I actually got rid of my internet at home so I'm not tempted to be on the computer.

                      My job won't give me a "leave" - well, they will but without pay!

                      I tried the moisture glasses and for me they don't work. Let me know if you get them and if they help.

                      I know what you mean about sensitivities and allergies. Sometimes I have to leave a room, or a store, or wherever if a scent is too strong for my eyes.

                      I've been taking Flax capsules - 3 a day and at first I thought they were helping but not really. I also take the Omega 3 and vitamin A but there's something in my body preventing those damn tears from producing and I just don't get it.

                      Yeah, I still stare at people eyes .. even when I watch television - sometimes I shout at the t.v. and say "wow, look at that waterline!" hahahahahaha ...

                      Best of luck to you as well ... what a struggle. Still not enough attention on dry eyes because it's still though "just use drops". That's what my boss says all the time, so it may be a while before anyone finds anything but here's hoping!!

                      Night time is still the absolute worst for me! My eye doc said that I also have "floppy eye syndrome" so when I sleep and my face brushes against the pillow a certain way, it pulls my eye open and it stays that way until I move positions ... unbelievable! Eye masks don't help and neither does tape so now not only do I have to be conscious of not grinding my teeth at night, I need to be aware of how I sleep! ha! So much for a good nights rest ...



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                        I have not. Although I work for quite a long time every day on a computer, I haven't quit my job. There are perfect people around here. The job is amazing and a really enjoy it so no. My doctor kind'a minds but ... mneh I don't want to give up to this.


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                          Ericska also try to install Flux. This may help too.



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                            Originally posted by khmedia View Post
                            Ericska also try to install Flux. This may help too.

                            Can I second this? The tint it provides really has helped, after turning the monitor brightness down failed.