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What tries have you done?

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  • What tries have you done?

    What tries have you done for a recovery? im sure most of you werent born with this condition. I was told i got dry eyes due to prolonged use of my laptop which had a lot of brightness (unfortunately). Anyways, i was told that a proper nutrition and abstaining from the computer for 3-5 months would able me to recover which I fully believe. The problem is that its not easy at all, i done two 2 months abstainance but no results. I havent done any shcrimer test but some healing have been done i guess? Two months can be a good amount of time. I cant get to 3-4 months . I have tried supps such as omega 3, lactoferrin and etc but to my diet i will drink milk and herbal tea which will help me a lot i think and some vit c.

    What are all the things that you have tried? thinking about it, i did a lot.

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    Hi dryeye

    I have tried almost everything. Some things have worked better than others.. I am currently using Lotemax for the next two weeks as I am having a flare, Restasis at night (if I use it in the morning I have all day redness but am not willing to give it up yet), serum, I have silicone plugs, doxy 100mg every second day.. And have ordered sclerals. I am still suffering.

    Things that have helped me most:
    Relaxing ...anxiety causes flare ups for me.

    have you tried any of these things? Or just vitamins??


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      ive tried dry eye formula from eye science so yes i just tried vitamins. I believe fruits, herbal tea and milk are the way to go. Plugs were a waste of time (want to remove them) . I also tried restasis and that thing is a waste too.

      ps: if anyone wanna talk i will be on chat


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        I don't think in most of the cases here that kind of (laptop) abstinence will cure....

        In my case I got better when I'm in vacation (sleeping more, without AC, less computer...). It seems like my eyes are healing. But it is not that my eyes are healing, but just a lifestyle and enviromnent that doesn't hurt my eyes. When I go back to work, the problems start again, as usual.

        Moisture chamber glasses are the only thing that have helped me (I didn't tried sclerals or plugs). Warm compresses, sun on the face or vapor in the eyes give me imediate relief.

        Now I'm trying a very expensive treatment/doctor - functional/orthomolecular medicine. I have good expectations. I think I found a really good doctor. At least I suppose my chronic fatigue will be cured.

        I did a scan of my body in a device callled E.S. Complex, and it showed I have a problem in part of my bowel, and in two parts of my brain, and my ph is too much alcaline etc. The problems in my brain I suppose are an outcome of dry eyes (neurotransmitters like seratonin are low, I think), but the problem in my bowel I think perhaps is the cause, or one factor, of my "dry eyes".