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Would I be able to survive as an English teacher with dry eyes?

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  • Would I be able to survive as an English teacher with dry eyes?

    Hi everyone,

    I've been suffering from post-lasik dry eyes for four years, and computer work is only bearable for a few hours; and some days I can only last for 30 minutes before massive headaches, blurriness, and eye pain kicks in, which can take days to recover fully.

    Can I survive teaching English as a second or foreign language without resorting much to the computer? I'm thinking of venturing in and trying, and if it's too much pain, I'll get out.

    I've recently graduated majoring in English with a focus on written translation. I had to completely forget about translation and interpretation since it required heavy computer use. And since most jobs related to my field nowadays require computer usage, I became seriously depressed.

    I have a mild interest in teaching, and I seriously doubt it wouldn't require computer usage. But you're feedback would be helpful. I'm from the Middle East if that could be useful in any way.

    Life just seems too daunting like this...


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    Are you doing anything to deal with your dry eyes? There are plenty of effective lubricating eye drops that usually counteract the symptoms of dry eyes.