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Best laptop or tablet for dry sensitive eyes??

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  • Best laptop or tablet for dry sensitive eyes??

    well since we are all on here obviously everyone uses a computer and or phone/ tablet.. etc.

    what is the best for very very dry sensitive eyes. I have MGD and Sjogrens-double whammy .. lucky me..

    Right now i use a sony vaio and have it dimmed down. but are there other laptops (not as $$$) that are better on sensitive eyes? I figured someone on here would know better than asking a store representative!

    Thanks my friends. Hope someone can help.
    Karen ps. merry xmas

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    I don't know if there's a better laptop or tablet but I get anti-glare covers for all of my devices. I'm not great at applying them so everytime I get a new phone, I have the guys at Apple apply my anti-glare cover. I did my computer screen by myself and it turned out all right. I think I burned through one the first time but since I don't buy a new computer on a regular basis, I forgave myself for wasting the first one.

    Here's one brand:
    I don't know what brand I have as it was a while ago. The ones I use for my phones, I just buy at the Apple store but I think you can get them in a variety of places for a variety of types of phones / tablets.

    One benefit of the protectors for tablets and phones is that you don't get the fingerprints on your screen that you do without the protectors.