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  • platelet-rich plasma

    I'm asking to everyone , why dont you try that first? Its because it's expensive? Why? Just want to know..

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    I went to Alicante to get PRP as it's very difficult to get autologous serum prescribed in UK. The PRP didn't help and Prof. Alio was extremely dismissive despite my TBUT of under 3 secs and Schirmer's of 2 secs. However, some people have had a great experience seeing him and the other staff there were really good. It's a lot cheaper to fly to Alicante, stay in a hotel and pay for the appointment and PRP serum than it is to pay for autologous serum in the UK. That's crazy to me.


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      The PRP did nothing for you? How much time did you ue it? I see Steveyez saying it can take month before being better.
      Why he was dismisive? Your records look like you are bad ( tbut of 3sc , 2MM schirmer)


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        I couldn't use it because it felt like salty water/ dried blood on my eyes and made them much worse. I think I used it for 4 or 5 days getting progressively worse. I emailed the clinic for advice and they said to stop using it but couldn't help me more than that.

        Yes my eyes are bad but Prof. Alio said he'd seen worse but I could give PRP a go if I wanted to. Steveyez had a great experience there. My eyes are super sensitive probably due to the ocular rosacea so I would definitely encourage people to give PRP a go if autologous serum isn't easy to obtain.


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          thx for your reply