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Have analogous serum drops helped you with blurry vision?

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  • Have analogous serum drops helped you with blurry vision?

    Hi Everyone,

    I suffer from Dry Eye due to a lack of tear production. My main symptom is blurry / fluctuating vision. I get occasional burning as well, but I mostly get vision that is very blurry and glare that is hard to deal with. I also see ghost images of text that will move around if I blink, which I think is due to my tear film.

    I am getting Analogous Serum eye drops later this week and I am really hoping they will help me with the blurry vision as it is making my life horrible.

    Anyone else out there who also had horribly blurred vision that was helped by the serum drops? I am getting 20% serum drops from a local compounding pharmacy.


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    Your symptoms sound just like mine. It drives me absolutely nuts. Not really sure on My exact diagnosis as the eye doctor I saw just said you have dry eyes. But am finally going to a dry eye specialty Friday and I can't wait. So just curious did the drops help with your vision. And anything else you have tried that has worked for you.