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    I recently picked up my autologous serum drops. They are 20%. I was told that they would last about 6-8 weeks based on the serum they got from 7 vials of blood. I didn't think I'd be giving blood that frequently. Is this typical?...Michael
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    How much drops you get and how long they last depend on many factors. First, it depends on how much blood is drawn. Second, it depends on how much serum is extracted from that drawn blood (generally about 50% is serum but can be low at 30%). Third, it depends on the percent of serum in the drops (you have 20%, others may have more, even up to 100%). Lastly, how long it lasts depends on how often you use the drops.

    My ophthal told me she has a patient who gives blood every 3 weeks for serum drops. My serum drops lasted more like a month. My doctor prescribes 100% serum and I was to use them 4 times per day.

    Here are two helpful threads on autologous serum drops:

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      Thanks very much for the links