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    Short version of my story - dry eyes for about 10 yrs, worse and worse. Many eye drs, same diagnosis, chornic dry eyes, blepharitis (sp?). Had cataract surgeries in Jan. 2013 and the dryness seemed the same but photosensitivity worse. Eyes tear constantly, inflamed lids, swollen, peeling, tears are like glue and "gunk up" my skin. Was referred for lipiflow and declined after a neighbor described the scraping and "tweezing" before and after parts of the procedure. Now a new eye dr has convinced me to do the serum. He will be on vacation so I start that in 3 wks. Meantime rheumatologist diagnosed me with Sicca syndrome. He had me on pilocarpine which made my eyes worse, but now I have gotten the ins waiver for evoxac. Have not taken it yet. Has anyone used it? Even with ins it is pricey. Any comments on that or the serum? I notice that most of the serum notes are back to 2008 with a few exceptions. Would like to hear current experiences with the meds or serum. Thanks much!

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    Hello Denise, I began the serum a week ago. Dry eye since 2009 worsened by steroid use this last year. Certainly reacted badly to FML. After that, it's been all downhill. I feel a little bit of relief this past week on the serum but I'm really hoping to get something that I can add onto this. I've read about Solcoseryl but can't find someone who can advise more about this. Good luck with the serum. I think mine's worth it. Will see if things continue to improve. ~Gerri