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Will be starting blood serum! Advice needed.

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  • Will be starting blood serum! Advice needed.

    The only thing I now know is that my blood work came back and I've been OK'ed for the serum drops. I go in on Wednesday to donate my 1st time. They told me I'd get a call within 7-10 days to go back and pick them up. I'm supposed to bring a cooler and dry ice. Where would one buy dry ice? I live in a rural area. Is there an informative website somewhere on the what to do and what not to do's? I've looked at a very limited amount of info on here. I believe they need to be kept frozen. How does one travel with them? Are there side effects? How do you remember to put them in as often as needed (a timer?). Thank you.

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    Dry ice? That seems a little unusual. I'll tell you how mine came, and I did not need any dry ice. I donated the blood, the compounding pharmacy called when they were ready, and they had them frozen inside one of those insulated foil envelopes. Then, they just stuck several of those plastic disposable ice packs on top of them inside a heavyweight paper bag. That was it.

    Honestly, I would just bring about three ziploc bags, triple bag them, and throw them on regular ice in your cooler. Granted they are frozen when you pick them up, there shouldn't be any risk of leakage.

    Travel: You can use a stainless steel thermos for them containing ice, no problem. They don't have to stay frozen, just refrigerated.

    Timing: Mine were recommended anywhere from 4 to 6 times a day. It varies. Check with your doctor.

    My doctor also recommended tossing each opened dropper after 10 days or so, but I think the drops can be kept frozen for 3 months. Some say 6.


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      Thank you!


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        How long will you be traveling from pick up to home, where you can put them in the freezer? It's possible a bag of ice or those things like this: would be sufficient.

        Before your draw (1-2 days before and the day of), drink plenty of water. It will make your draw easier, less painful, and can increase your serum levels.

        After you pick up the drops and get them home, put them in the freezer immediately. Your doctor or the facility will tell you the procedure for the bottle you are using (my dropper bottles last about a week and I keep them in the fridge when not in use but some people have different requirements).

        If your doctor has a certain time frame / schedule for you to use the drops, an alarm isn't a bad idea. When I first started using them, I had damage to the surface of my eye and I set an alarm on an hourly basis to put them in. Keep your eyes closed for 2 minutes after putting them in to prevent evaporation, etc. Now I just use them when needed and supplement with commercial drops when I'm away from home & my refrigerator.

        Here's a thread on traveling with serum:

        Very few, if any side effects, although that doesn't mean side effects aren't possible.


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          Thank you PotatoCakes! I can't tell you how much I appreciate the responses!