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Any risks to serum drops inside slcerals?

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  • Any risks to serum drops inside slcerals?

    I've had a doctor recommend I put a one drop of my serum eye drops into my scleral before I wear them (particularly for my eye that underwent lasik flap lift surgery 3months ago). I've seen some posts from users on this site who do the same thing and seem to not have any problems with it. However, is anyone aware of any additional risks in wearing a scleral with serum drops in it? Has anyone had or is anyone aware of a bad experience you can share?

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    I am going to suggest not doing that. That seems risky. There is nothing wrong with putting drops in your eyes while your lenses are in, but I wouldn't put a drop into the actual lens.


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      I do it. I've even used 2 drops in addition to the Unisom. The doctor that did my PROSE said that it was all right to do it. She did say if there's any adverse reaction (signs of infection) to stop but I haven't had that problem and adding the serum makes my eyes feel better.


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        Thank you both for your replies. It's very helpful to be able to get good information from the collective wisdom and experiences from my fellow DEZers. I think I'll give it a try and see how it goes. Hopefully it helps. If I'm really, really, really lucky, I'll grow a second transparent set of eyelids that will allow me to see while my eyes are shut - similar to that of an alligator. Serum drops do have growth factors...