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Has anybody tried the Stadler Form Jerry Portable Humidifier?

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  • Has anybody tried the Stadler Form Jerry Portable Humidifier?

    Has anyone found a small portable cool mist humidifier such as the Stadler Form Jerry Portable Humidifier (or any others) helpful for DES? I was wondering if having one next to me when I'm on the computer or reading might help. I live in a humid environment, so summer is not a problem (as long as I don't turn the air conditioner on), but when the heat is on in the winter, or when I travel and stay in places other than my own home, the dry air is very hard on my eyes. Judy

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    I have found that the hotter and uncomfortable i get the better my eyes are thus a vicks warm steam vaporizer works best. horrid in hot dry days but good for eyes.
    My cool mist humidifier does nothing for my eyes


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      thanks soaps. My eyes also feel much better when it is hot and humid in the summer, particularly when the sun isn't out- even though the rest of my body hates it that way. I won't waste my money on the cool must humidifier then. The ophthalmologist says I should use a humidifier, so maybe I'll try the warm steam vaporizer instead. Judy


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        Or a warm mist humidifier, Judy- Don't ask me what the difference is between vaporizing and humidifying, but we're running 2 warm mist humidifiers right now. I dread the arrival of really cold weather when that heat is on full blast. You could check out Bed, Bath& Beyond-see what they have. We have a Honeywell and a Holmes- they were around 40.00 each. Hope this helps.


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          thanks bunnyrabbit. I'm not going to buy anything expensive now because we are soon moving from a cold weather climate in winter to a-not-so-cold climate that will be misty and foggy. Looking forward to that! I was thinking of the small personal cool mist humidifier as a temporary measure because it is inexpensive and portable, but if it doesn't do anything then I'll skip it. I actually have a small warm mist vaporizer in the closet that I used to use when I'd get bronchitis (haven't had it in years, thank goodness), but we have a mildew problem here, so I don't like to use it too often. Maybe I'll try it out again to see if it helps my eyes. Judy