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  • Humidity Level

    We have a new humidifier for use in our son's room and can set the humidity level. I just wondered if there is an ideal level. The instructions say 45-55% but that is not specifically for dry eye. The natural humidity level here at present is mostly higher than that. Even some advice on levels that feel good would be helpful.

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    Indoor humidity levels are tricky because you don't want to have so much humidity that you end up growing mold which itself can cause illness and be detrimental to DE. That may be why the manufacturer recommends 45-55%.


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      Thanks notadryeye, we haven't had a mould problem using a humidifier in his room. It has a good sunny outlook in the morning and I air it out every morning. I guess that is the advantage of living in Australia! I put towels on the carpet near the humidifier just in case. The new one rarely turns on set at 55% but maybe we don't need it at this time of year, I might just have been overusing the old one. Thanks for the reply. I don't know that it has made a difference to my son's eyes, he can't express that so I need to rely on you guys experiences.


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        Im always so comfortable in my room compared to anywhere else . I have a cheap thermometer which always reads 25degree celcious and around 70 humiditybut this lowers in other rooms . yes i have a mold problem but much improved. but my eyes are bad and my room is heaven to me. Some days are dry i find and even 50 humidity is no joy to me.

        I guess it depends on how bad your eyes are.