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Transitional lenses.... Are they dark enough for Light Sensitive eyes....?

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  • Transitional lenses.... Are they dark enough for Light Sensitive eyes....?

    I've just had contact with VisionX Developments, the agents in NZ for WileyX eyeware.. They have been very accommodating with my special needs, but they ask if I would prefer Transitional lenses instead of two pair of WileyX goggles. My original idea was to have one pair with light adjusting lenses for my main eyeware and another pair with very dark lenses for outdoors in our bright sunlight, as I have light sensitive eyes now.

    Has anyone with light sensitive eyes tried or find Transitional's dark enough in bright sunlight..? Our sunshine here is very intense and also very bright, plus we also get a lot of bright glare of glass buildings and water reflection as well

    Any feedback is very much appreciated. Mike from New Zealand

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    I find transitional lenses are dark enough for use out of doors. Be aware that they won't work in the car or inside so if you are sensitive to headlights, fluorescent or halogen lighting, you will need to have regular tinted lenses with anti glare coating. I personally keep two pair of glasses around, one with transition lenses, one without.
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      Personally, I don't find that transition lenses get dark enough for the sunlight of Victoria BC!!! I've even had regular sunglasses re-tinted in the hopes of making them darker.

      If there's a way for you to test the transition lenses in your sunlight, you could find out if they are dark enough for you.

      Good luck!


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        NOPE for sure not especially if the light is bright. I guess it depends how light sensitive you are but is sounds like you are at least as bad as I am.


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          Thanks guys,
          I had suspected the transitionals wouldn't be quite dark enough for my needs but it's great to have your feedback to help me to decide.

          So I guess my best approach is to get my main dayware lenses light adjusting, and see how thee MCG's go.. If they work well and comfortable to wear, I would then go and get another pair the same but with very dark lenses for outdoors.

          It was fantastic to hear about transitionals and night driving, as I had suspected they would be difficult with the headlights of on coming traffic.

          I would guess that light adjusting lenses would be ok for night driving, or have I got this all wrong..?

          All feedback is much appreciated. Mike


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            I especially use my transitionals for night driving as I don't use them that much during the day. They block the air movement from inside the car which I find to be killer but I don't find headlight glare to be any different than with my regular glasses. I don't like any tint for night driving as it makes it just too dark. I do have antiglare coating on all my glasses though. That is about all I use the transitionals for as they are just not dark enough for outside. Occasionally I use them for watching TV if my eyes are particularly sore.


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              I have photophobia and the transitionals did not darken enough for outside. I lost mine last week and I really miss them for indoor use. Some companies give you a choice of transitionals: those that lighten to a greyish color or those that lighten to a yellowish tint. The yellows are good if you have a problem with fluorescent light.