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Help With Ordering Prescription Moisture Chamber Glasses

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  • Help With Ordering Prescription Moisture Chamber Glasses

    I ordered 7eyes frames online and got prescription at Costco, which does not fit sports goggles with lens. Should I go to another doctor to get lens and fitting or go ahead and order the lens online? I'm getting 7eyes Cape, which doesn't fit well without straps. 7eyes Panhead fits my flat asian features well, but my prescription is too high.

    I'm not feeling confident about the new prescription, because they told me small PD difference didn't matter. I could use the right/left PD from last prescription 30.5/31.5 and or divide the new PD in half 62/2=31. I have a huge difference in power R -3.5 and L -6.25. One eye is alway used more than the other, alternating with each prescription, making my eyes strained and dry. Is there anything that can be done? Anyone have experience with this?

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    Hi dryeyekat - I would suggest calling either Sports Optical in Colorado, or Heavy Glare in Minnesota, and discussing your situation. Both of these labs specialize in fitting higher prescriptions in wrap frames like the Panhead and Cape (both of which have an "8 base" curve).


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      Thank you, I found someone local.