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Moisture Glasses for Inside and Outside Wear

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  • Moisture Glasses for Inside and Outside Wear

    Help! What you have you tried that helps protect the moisture in your eyes? There are several things on the market that I have seen, however; they are all expensive. I can't afford expensive mistakes. Can you give me your experience? I am active and don't want to be housebound and depressed. Since my eyes have gotten severely dry, vacuuming hurts.

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    There was a good discussion of this topic in 2015--hope this link works for you.

    Sadly, in the realm of DED, we experience the "cannot afford" to suffer as well the competing inability to afford treatments, so sacrifice will occur. Informed shopping will help but is no guarantee. The closest I can come to a guarantee is that MEGs will waste your time and money. If your DED is bad, look elsewhere.

    To see the photo that is included in my response in the above thread, you will need to click on link in one of the posts.



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      I use moisture chamber dark glasses pretty much any time I go outside and they have been a Godsend. I have both Wiley X and 7eye. I have a pair of clear ones for inside but only wear them around the house if needed because they are anything but pretty. I call them my racoon glasses because the black gasket shows through the clear glass (the dark glasses hide it). Unfortunately you will never know whether or not they help if you don't try them. I do recommend that you try on the frames before you buy because if they don't fit properly they won't be of much help....F/G