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Moisture goggles = lack of oxygen?

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  • Moisture goggles = lack of oxygen?

    This may seem like a stupid question but would it be bad to wear moisture goggles for most of the day? Is this dangerous? Iíve read somewhere that they can starve your eyes of oxygen, and this sounds very worrying.

    The goggles im using is the eyeseals 4.0 so they donít let any oxygen in (sealed tight)

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    I donít think there are any moisture goggles that completely seal out all the air, unless the part that touches your face was an adhesive. For years I wore moisture goggles during the day and night without any negative impact (I still use EyeSeals while sleeping even now). Iím sure others in this forum have as well. If you still have concerns, perhaps take them off a few times during the day for a short time.

    The benefits of wearing the goggles likely far outweigh the chances of negative circumstances, but itís good you ask questions like this!


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      Thank you Hokucat youíve put my mind at rest Iíve been wearing my goggles a lot this week and read somewhere on the forum that a doctor told someone that their eyes looked oxygen deprived from wearing goggles (I instantly ripped my goggles off my face lol!)


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        I can just picture you ripping off your goggles :-)

        BTW, how are you doing, eyes and otherwise?


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          Not good as Iím basically living in moisture goggles at the moment, as Iím having to use the computer for study which does cause quite a bit of pain (BURNING)

          Iím gonna try eat healthy this week and spend less time on my phone thatís my goal.


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            Sorry to hear that. Those are good goals, and donít forget blinking exercises and taking breaks from the computer too. If you are able to wear scleral lenses, that might help manage the pain. I wear my sclerals typically 12 hours a day, it definitely helps me with comfort and daily functioning.


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              Yeah what blinking exercises do you do? How often? What do blinking exercises do more importantly?

              I love to get sclerals but I donít think I can afford them at the moment Iíll have to wait a few said in an earlier post that not everyone can tolerate them, in what way canít they tolerate them?


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                The sclerals are large hard contacts that cover much of the eye. They feel uncomfortable to some people.

                Blinking exercises help express the oil. Keeps the oil glands going and helps them hopefully not get clogged. Warm compress, blinking exercises, etc.


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                  Hereís the blinking exercises I do, itís supposed to be every 20 minutes:


                  And Edmunder answered your other questions well!


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                    Thank you Hokucat


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                      If you have google chrome install this on your computer. It reminds you every 20 minutes



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                        A few questions that i do not know where to ask them:
                        Does anybody know how can I know I have clear oil coming out of my gland or not?
                        How should I know I have sacre tissue in my gland?

                        I see some oil coming out when I do hot compress but I do not think that is enough. I did Lipiflow last week but I am not sure if it did anything. The first two day I was in so much pain. I saw some yellowish oil the day after lipiflow. I do not know if that is a good thing or not.


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                          Yes its very common to feel awful after lipiflow. Your eye glands had all the oil removed. It took me about 10 days and I felt much better.

                          I had some blockage again after Lipiflow but my eyes are still better than before.


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                            What is the underlying of your dry eye issue?

                            Do you know how I can tell if I have scar tissue?


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                              My issue is blocked glands. MGD. i have foamy, blocking oils.

                              i have lots of tear volume and tear height. Very low inflammation. Osmolarity almost normal. Little to no corneal staining.

                              But low TBUT because poor tear film.

                              if you are younger its not scar tissue. Thatís generally older i think.