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the best sealed glasses by far

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  • the best sealed glasses by far

    I've owned at least 30 pairs of sealed glasses and goggles over the last few years, including panoptyx and wiley x, all very expensive.

    In my opinion the best glasses by far are the Bolle Tracker 2. The seal is wide and the strap is sturdy. The expensive brands i found the seal would not last that long and was quite flimsy, and the strap was fiddly snd too delicate.

    The Bolle's are only around $50 each off ebay so you dont have to be that precious with them. I use the welding shade 5 for daytime and the twilight lens for night time. (The welding shade 5 is not polarised but I will eventually get around to getting an optometrist to add a piece of polarised lens inside.)

    And for indoor use i use the Bolle Rush in various tints, very stylish. So i dont sound like a Bolle fanboy, the 2nd best was Vuarnet category 4 ski goggles.

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    Bolle Rush are these?
    Do the work (meaning maintaining humidity) when working with the computer?


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      yea Rush is good for very controlled situations at the computer

      with aircon etc get the Tracker

      So buy both cos you'll def get good use of them

      I use Twilight lens colour for looking at the computer


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          yea they are sealed glasses not moisture chamber technically - moisture chamber give off water vapour

          mine don't have any holes, they fit almost perfectly, but not perfectly, which is great, cos then theres just enough air to not fog up

          Better than the $200+ 7eye and wileyx IMO, and 25% of the price.