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Antifogging solutions for Zienna glasses

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  • Antifogging solutions for Zienna glasses

    Hello all,

    I am wondering if anyone found a working antifogging solution for 7Eye Zienna glasses?
    I am trying to switch to Zienna from swimming goggles, but so far I found that none of my antifog liquids/wipes work with them. I also tried antifog spray "gear aid" from 7eye and it has only worked for two days on brand new glasses, and after two days it seems to be as useless as no antifog at all...
    I tried to talk to 7eye customer support, but they didn't offer any useful advice...

    So I'm wondering if anyone here had a better luck with Zienna?

    Like for example, what antifog solution are you using? What's the right way to buff it and how much is the right amount of buffing? What's the right way to clean the lenses and how often? Are there any other tips or tricks to combat fog?

    Thanks and happy holidays


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    I'd love to know this too. The fogging is a big pain at times. I read a few years back about new nanotechnology solutions for anti-fog lens coatings in development and seems some of those are hitting the market now though still probably expensive sadly.
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