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Going for Lipiview test

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  • Going for Lipiview test

    Hi. I'm a new member. I am going for a Lipiview test this week and was wondering if anyone knew what I should expect. Thank you.

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    i went to Herzig in Toronto for my Lipiview. I would follow the recommendations that the centre would have given you concerning usage of drops prior to testing. The procedure is absolutely non-invasive. You are asked to blink normally when facing a bright screen. Just to warn you, there is a lot of light flashing on and off, almost a strobe light effect. If you are sensitive to this, then you might find it bothersome. I know that some people have migraines that are triggered by flashing lights. I was disappointed that they didn't warn me of this ahead of time. I also had a windy walk from the subway station and my eyes felt particularly dry when I got to the centre. I would arrive with lots of time to relax the eyes before the procedure.

    I was told that seeing lots of colour on the screen was a good sign. After the procedure you meet with the doctor to go over the results. The doctor will also do a slit lamp exam of your eyes to check for dry spots and tear break up time. If your doctor recommends lipiflow, chances are they will offer to do it right then and there. The cost is about $700 per eye.

    Best of luck to you.


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      Hi Hopeful2.

      Thank you for the information. My appt. is tomorrow and I called the institute today to ask about the drops and when I should stop using them (they hadn't said anything about that at the time I booked the appt. which I think they should have), but they told me my appt. had been cancelled. I was shocked. But they were able to schedule me back in for tomorrow. I'm not feeling to confident in their competence so far.

      I did not realize they might offer the lipiflow treatment right then. Are there any risks involved that you know of? Did you have the treatment and if so, has it helped?

      Thank you again for all the info. I really appreciate it.

      Hope you have a good eye day.


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        Are you going to Herzig in Toronto? That is where I went.

        They sent me an email with all kinds of information regarding the lipiview procedure. I am surprised that they didn't give you info. They did tell me that they only do lipiview testing on Fridays and Saturdays.

        I do believe there are some risks to the Lipiflow, although I do not know the details. I did not have the Lipiflow done as I wanted to see how much more my eyes could heal on their own after Lasik. I might still get it one day. If I do, I am tempted to do just one eye at a time.

        A good eye day to you too!