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Is Lipiflow Risk-Free?

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  • Is Lipiflow Risk-Free?

    Very much considering Lipiflow and am 80%-90% sure I want to go through with it. My doctor says Iím a good candidate because I still have a fair amount of glands remaining. Iíve tried almost everything: Refresh drops, Retaine drops, Omega 3 pills, Omega 6 pills, heated compresses (Bruder) + lid massages

    However...Iím tired of all this trial and error. Yes, there are still things I havenít tried yet (Restasis, doxycycline, Q Tip massages etc). However, as mentioned- Iím tired of all the time energy and frustration coming from all this trial and error.

    Does Lipiflow seem good? As long as itís safe for my eyes I feel game to try it. I feel a little concerned that apparently Iíd need to take steroid drops for a while after the procedure

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    Nothing in life is risk free, but the general consensus from all the drs I chatted w/ is that LipiFlow is quite low risk.

    There are things you should in conjunction with LipiFlow, including Xiidra, Restasis, topical Azithromycin and IPL.

    LipiFlow is only part of the solution. It's like your car tires are flat, yes you need to change your tires, but you also need to remove all the nails on your driveway, or else your tires will get flat again in a month.


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      I would say the risks are very low but obviously these will be explained to you before the treatment. It's a very mild treatment.

      Lipiflow irritated my eyelids even more and didn't help me. It took a course of steroids to get my eyes back to their 'normal' state of discomfort. I haven't heard of anyone else whose eyes were actually worse after so I'm definitely in the minority there. I think most just experience very little improvement of their signs and symptoms if any.