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Eyewash and Blepharitis

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  • Eyewash and Blepharitis

    I am really suffering from a flare-up of Blepharitis right now and have tried many drops, ointments, compresses... you name it and I have tried it!! My doc wants me to try Doxy next and I am hesitant.
    Has anyone tried washing lids with an anti-bacterial shampoo?? I don't have noticeable flakes in lashes but the doc says he can see them. I wake up with red, swollen lids that get better as the day goes on. Maybe I an not getting my eye make-up/lids clean enough.

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    My doctor prescribed a super low dose of Doxy to help with my ocular rosacea. I do feel a difference when I'm on it.

    I found using Q tips with saline (not the contact solution kind) over my lids, following a warm compress really helps clean my lids if I've worn makeup. The first time I did it, I was shocked at how much makeup was left behind (eyeliner, possibly mascara) after I've washed my face, even when I paid special attention to my lids or used a lid cleaner.

    Question, what are you using in/on your eyes at night? My former doctor instructed me to use RefreshPM or another similar preservative-free ointment at night and when I followed his instructions, my eyes would start inflamed and red and get better through the day. After reading a number of posts here, I tried alternatives (goggles and now finally, I use plastic wrap) and now my eyes look a lot better in the mornings (still red & inflamed given this wretched disease but much better). Turns out I have a sensitivity to petroleum / castor oil / mineral oil, which is found in quite a few eye products.


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      Here is my routine: I wash my face and eyelids well with Cetaphil daily facial cleanser. I tried the gentle formula and it did not clean as well. Then I do the warm compresses followed by a soft lid scrub using the Occusoft lid scrub pads. I then rinse with Unisol saline. My lids are usually OK by evening but then wake-up with red and swollen and then I start with rinse and COLD compresses.

      I try not to use ointments at night but my doctor gave me an antibiotic ointment to use for 5 days. I did not put this in my eye but only on lid margins/lash line. I also did this for 5 days with Azisite but got no results. My drops are: Refresh Plus Sensitive and Systane Ultra...all preservative free. I tried goggle to sleep in but I woke up even puffier!!!

      Anything I am missing??


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        Originally posted by abbygirl View Post
        Has anyone tried washing lids with an anti-bacterial shampoo??
        I sympathise so much with this; at times I feel at my wits end with it all. Anti-bacterial shampoo could be a bit on the harsh side though - I tried it in the past but it made my lids very sore so I didn't continue. They were probably very sore to begin with so I knew I was taking a chance but one reaches for anything at times of desperation.

        I use very little in the way of eye make up - and apply mascara as near to the eyelash tips as possible. That way, I don't have to be too harsh when removing the mascara. I use make up remover wipes - something for sensitive eyes / skin - then rinse with warm water. My eyes don't seem to be any the worse for wearing a bit of mascara; my eyelashes grow in all directions these days so they need a bit of `taming'. (I use Trish McEvoy mascara)

        Do you mind me asking why your hesitant about using Doxy? You can see that many forum members have taken Doxy or similar over the years - it might help you.


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          I have that antibiotic ointment but I try not to use it unless I'm desperate. The warnings kind of scared me. Azisite didn't do anything (positive) for me either.

          Cetaphil is supposed to be super gentle and non-stripping; maybe you need something a bit more cleansing. I have to admit, when I wear makeup, I use regular soap or Nutragena to remove it, followed by the Ocusoft lid cleanser and the Qtip saline technique. Overall, I try to avoid wearing makeup at all anymore. Thankfully I have good skin but with all the red in / around my eyes, I run around looking like I've been crying a lot of the time, particularly in bright rooms.

          I like Irish Eyes' idea of applying mascara close to the tips. I haven't tried that. Maybe next time I want to wear makeup, I'll try that, skipping the eyeliner, and see how it works for me. I never wore a lot of makeup (outside of the 80s) but the one place I always liked to spend the effort was my eyes and these days I feel like I can't do that, which somedays more than others, really impacts my self-esteem.


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            Thanks irish eyes and PotatoCakes!!! This is the pits isn't it!!! My eyes are my best feature and I need some mascara since my lashes are not waht they used to be!!! I don't wear eyeliner unless it is far from the lash line. What do you think of a sensitive eye makeup remover that contains some oil and then wash face and do lid scrubs??

            I guess I am just a chicken when it comes to starting a systemic medication..especially one for the long term but it looks like that is where I am headed since the 5 days of Azasite didn't help. I am going tomorrow to see about the PROSE lens and I am afraid this eyelid problem is going to hold things up!!


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              Hi abbygirl,
              I too loved eye makeup but don't really wear it much anymore. When I do, I use Abolene Moisturizing Cleanser to remove eye makeup. It has been around a long time, and is fragrance free. It contains mineral oil, petrolatum, paraffin, ceresin, and beta carotene. Also must steam and scrub. *Sigh* Regrading the Doxy, one round of high dose didn't work for me. Am now on low dose for two months, with the inflammation looking much, much better, and eyes feeling much better. Not sure why your eyelids are red. My dermatologist said mine were red due to either allergy or rosacea, but I think the steaming dries and irritates them as well. Best of luck to you.


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                Dear Abbygirl,

                I have used an antibacterial hand wipes that killed my Blepharitis. You are right about that antibacterial angle. My friend found this out because her Blepharitis was moving onto her eyelids. She used an antibacterial facial scrub with Benzethonium Chloride in it. She no longer has it. I could not find that product for sale so I looked on line to see what other products had Benzethonium Chloride in them. I ended up using WET ONES, antibacterial hand wipes, in the red box.
                I tore each one into 8 sections and used 2 on each eyelash area 4 times a day for a week and a half. I then went down to 3 times a day (eyes felt so much better) for a month. After that, I did it 2 times a day for several months. It itched once or twice after that and I jumped on it with the wipes for a day or two and it was gone for good.
                This sounds really easy and cheap. It did work for me.
                You can wear mascara and still kill this off. This involves using new mascara and throw away wands (bought on line) and cosmetic applicators (in drug store). Never put a used wand or applicator back into the mascara or makeup. It takes 2 wands, 1 for each eye.
                When washing my eyes I used 2 washrags (white for a bleach load). Never re-infect the better eye.
                There were 3 doctors who looked into my eyes and could not find the Blepharitis, including the one who diagnosed the Blepharitis.
                I was told it would come back. I said it has been 4-5 months. It is now almost a year and not back.
                This is a beast but it can be cured and you are on the right tract with your ideas.
                Hope you find relief soon.