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Shampoo Lid wash only works for a few days

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  • Shampoo Lid wash only works for a few days

    I have blepharitis. It's very mild in that I can hardly see anything build up on my eyelashes. But my eyes are very red all the time.
    When I first tried lid-scrubbing, I used baby shampoo. This worked great for about 3 days. My eyes were near-perfect white. Then it stopped working.
    Everything I tried after that failed. I stopped using any cleaning products for about 4 months. Then I tried the shampoo again. Once again, it worked great.. for about 4 days.

    Why is shampoo working so great, but for short periods of time?

    Here are some theories:
    1) The shampoo is definitely washing away irritants that water alone cannot dissolve. This means the irritants in my eyelid margin must be lipophilic.
    2) At the same time the shampoo is possibly depositing something into my eyes that persist (possibly in glands) and irritates my eyes.
    3) OR the shampoo is specifically pulling out & dissolving some component in my glandular secretions, and gradually changing the composition's proportions which persistently irritates my eyes.

    So it looks like I need to stop cleaning my eyes for a while until the damage the shampoo has done has reverted. Then I need to find some type of hydrophobic cleaning solution that does not disrupt my glandular composition.

    Has anyone experienced this before? Do my theories make sense?

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    Try using Ocusoft Plus wipes instead of the shampoo. Also add warm compresses twice daily and artificial tears throughout the day. If that doesn't work, you may need a prescription..


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      Avenova hypochlorus lid spray has been fantastic for anterior blepheritis patients. Really helps clean the lids and lashes of extra bacteria, and helps break down biofilm left by said microbes. Not a huge fan of babyshampoo as 1) Doesn't address biofilm 2) Long list of "mystery" ingredients, sufactants and preservatives. Ocusoft wipes are a nice option, but again, doesn't really address breakdown of biofilm