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Lid scrub: FOAM VS WIPES

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    Johnson - No More Tears baby shampoo
    This is NEW - improved formula.!! soap-free. Picture see above - #12

    Well, I always look for NEW alternatives - I tried similiar products (out of curiosity), Pretty good, no irritation.
    Just need to pay attention to the ingredients, free-soap, perfume, alcohol, dye, paraben etc.
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      SirDryEye , if your eyes just slightly stung after the wipes and it went away after a short time, and your eyes didnít get further irritation like get red, etc. itís probably not damaging to your eyes. Try it a few more days to see if that brief stinging continues, sometimes that happens the first few times you try a new scrub and then the eyes get used to it.

      It might help to put just a few drops of preservative-free saline in your eyes to take the stinging away from your eyeballs, maybe then you can tell if the wipes are helping your eyes feel better. I do that with any lid scrub I use, even after using the Ocusoft Foam Plus. I use Purilens PF saline, but thatís because I already use that for my sclerals. Purilens does not come in a vial size like some other PF salines...a vial size may be more ideal for your purposes.


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        MGD1701 , when I enlarge the picture to see the ingredients, it shows fragrance and coloring included still.


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          My new strategy with DE products, in general, is to change it up. I figure if I mix things up I'm more likely to be using something that helps. Rather than use the same cleaner every day, I use 3-4 different ones, both foams and wipes, and interchange them randomly. This helps mitigate the never-ending chase for the "BEST product."


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            Originally posted by MGD1701 View Post
            Thanks hopeful_hiker

            Tea tree oil - We love Eeys brand
            Assume you use the oil form then?
            Do you happen to know its tto %? Just visited their website but no reference on this.
            How often does your dr recommend, twice/day, how to combine with Avenova?

            Thank you.
            Yes, the one with oil. No, I do not know the percentage.

            Basically, I used to apply Tea Tree oil (WeLoveEyes) once or twice daily for a few months. Then I added the foaming scrub (different brand). When I visited the doc, she said I had some damage indicative of oil stripping with soap. I had epithelial damage close to the nose on both sides. She prescribed me Avenova instead. Her whole thing is treating the eyelids as a cast iron pan: water, oil but no soap (and Avenova to get rid of bacterial overload). For a month I've used both Avenova x 2, Tea Tree oil x 2. Now I occasionally use the foaming agent to remove makeup (super carefully and in tiny amounts) and Avenova. I no longer have that damage. Not sure what helped because I've been doing so many things.

            SirDryEye, Hockucat is correct, you have to try a few things and see what helps. Baby shampoo and foaming eyelid cleansers stripped away all oils in my case and I did not have many secretions to begin with. Others are happy with OcuSoft.


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              Hi Hopeful_hiker
              Thanks a lot for sharing the details.

              New Johnson Baby Shampoo - no more tears - the bottle says: soap-free & dermatologist tested.
              There should be other brands - without perfume, alcohol, dye or paraben etc.
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