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i feel like IPL is my next step, any advice?

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  • i feel like IPL is my next step, any advice?

    HI all, I don't see much about IPL on here other than it helped someone with redness but no pain. But what about pain and no eye redness and no rosacea? Also, how do we know our eyes are fully protected? I would think if anyone knows it is Dr. Toyos. Someone on here said that the metal eye covers are best but he uses something different, I don't know what though. I am probably being paranoid it's just that ever since my eyes got worse post a inner ear cat scan recently and I looked directly at the flash thing, my eyes have been out of control. They told me it was coincidental Also, a patient on here said she didn't think it would work for Sjogren's related dryness, but she hadn't said she tried it so not sure what to make of that.

    When I was researching IPL for dry eyes, I ran into some horror stories about people who used it for face rejuvination. Their faces are now old and saggy looking they all said, their skin worse than ever. And from what i can tell, the wand thing isn't just getting the eyes and area around it but other areas, the face isn't that big. So I wonder if this is a risk? Getting worse skin around the eyes and potentially other areas, in addition to primary concerns about risks to the eyes themselves?

    Has anyone had success with IPL who has Sjogrens? thank you for any advice.
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